Thursday, October 18, 2018

Uchuu Keiji Gavan Episode 5 Review: Fleshy Bullet Catcher in...The Cobra Bullet Strikes!

Mormon leader Joseph Smith has been shot! Okay, the dude isn't really Joseph Smith, but Dr Joe Smith, a famous peace activist. He came under fire while trying to bring peace to the Far East. Somehow, Gavan gets a background check only the Flash could compile and becomes one of Smith's bodyguards. Hijinks ensue and you can read all about it by clicking 'Read More' right below.

Overall Opinion: Highly recommend watching this one. Plenty of action scenes properly placed with the story. Some minor convenience logic, but nothing too jarring.

The episode starts off with a bang. Hunter Killer, the Makuu's main henchman, shoots Dr. Joe Smith in the arm as a warning shot to leave Japan. Gavan learns about this and decides to become Smith's bodyguard after a request from a friend to investigate the reason Smith was shot. Before Gavan could meet Dr. Smith, the Makuu unload on Smith's protection team and a fight commences. Smith's current bodyguards are overwhelmed and killed. Gavan then arrives and lights the Makuu up with his combat vehicle's gun turret.

With the fight over, Dr. Smith tells Gavan he came to Japan for the purpose of planning a coordinated effort to stop illegal gun sales that are originating here. Thinking 1+1 = 2, Gavan assumes this diabolical scheme must be the work of the Makuu.

I said peace, not pieces!!!

With the mission objective now made clear, Gavan asks his partner, Mimi, to help find a secret base the Makuu are potentially using as their weapon manufacturing plant. Mimi finds it and gives Gavan the coordinates to begin his search inside the base. Gavan enters the facility and is shot by Hunter Killer. Mimi rescues him and retreats to their spaceship to recover. It is not so simple however! The bullet that hit Gavan wasn't an ordinary space lead/space metal(What the heck was it, anyways?) bullet, it was coated in SNAKE MONSTER VENOM!!!

As Gavan tries to resist the poison, Hunter Killer has a meeting about Gavan with Don Horror, the leader of the Makuu. Hunter Killer starts explaining a plot twist so twisted that M Night Shamalam would be jealous. Dr. Smith was actually a Double Man. The entire premise about Smith needing protection was all a ruse to get Gavan out of his metal suit and be shot by Hunter Killer.

Don't worry about the taste, Gavan, the medicine is a suppository.

Gavan recovers and makes a second attempt at the Makuu base. He crashes a business meeting with some dubious gun sellers and fights the Makuu the only way he knows how: With style. The normal disco music plays as he kills them all, except for Hunter Killer who escapes like the pansy he is. THE END

It is not what you think it is...or maybe it is :(

This episode was very good. The pacing was tight with only 1-2 minutes of unneeded combat against the monster of the week, Snake Monster. He was barely used and only required for the poison part of the plot. Other than that, I would put this one on the list of a top 10 Gavan episodes for those interested in watching the best of the series.

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