Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Top 5 Unpopular Video Games I Like


I don't have any special reason for making this list, I just always enjoyed it when someone else did. So, just for giggles I am going to countdown 5 video games that I like and most people call "bad". Click read more.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Power Rangers Fan Theory - The SPD A Squad Ranger Suits and Sky's Dad's Red Ranger Suit Explained


Easily one of the most infamous moments in Power Rangers history took place during the Disney era season Power Rangers SPD. The blue ranger Sky was the son of the "best of the best" Red Rangers who died in action when he was a kid and his suit looks exactly like the Time Force Red Ranger with an SPD badge. Also, the main cast was the B-Squad, second team, while the A-Squad was MIA and their suits re-used the In Space helmets. This was al due to the strict budget that Disney put on the producer in a position where he was not permitted to create new outfits and had to make due with old props. But, while the show never acknowledged the similarities, what if there was an in-universe reason for their designs? Click "read more" for my theory.

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