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Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Number 6: What to Protect - Summary/Review

Time for the 6th episode. That was a heck of a way to end things off last time with both teams Red Rangers feeling lousy. Kairi frustrated and Keiichiro defeated. Last times preview showed these events are still taking a toll on Keiichiro who wants revenge. So, what will happen next? Click "read more" and let's find out.


The episode begins at the enemies base where Destra is being confronted by the main villain Dogranio about his independent actions to collect Lupin Treasures. He actually doesn't care, just points out that he knows what he is doing and even knows who his informant in the human world is. Even says these actions are amusing. Pretty sure this scene was only done to show off how good Dogranio is at what he does.

Life returns to normal for the most part, except for Keiichiro who is not taking his defeat to Kairi well at all. Even over hears people talking about how much they prefer the Lupinrangers to his team if not just to add salt to the wound. I really appreciate scenes like this, it shows off the depth of a character that could very easily have become one dimensional. And, of course, Kairi happens to walk past him in the park. (Reminder, the Lupinrangers know the Patrangers identity but not the other way around.)

Kairi tries to poke information but is cut off and spooked when Keiichiro vows revenge for his defeat, then gets a call about Bumbolt, and cut to theme song. Seems like Kairi has gotten over what was said during their fight. Or perhaps he is simply suppressing it like before. 

Immediately after the opening theme, we are given our first battle of the episode. The Patrangers corner Bumbolt and gain a quick edge in the fight. However, Keiichiro gives the order to try and draw out the battle in order to draw the Lupinrangers out. Still obsessed with redemption, he allows the Gangler to escape. Of course, this was a very stupid and selfish call, one that Tsukasa responds with a swift slap across Keiichiro's face. Tensions rise there as we cut back to Bumbolt.

While planning his next move, Bumbolt is approached by Goche who plays her own manipulation game with him. Meanwhile, Tsukasa and Keiichiro are are still talking as he still doesn't get why she slapped him. Seriously? Might be because you screwed up? Well, this leads into a flashback scene from when the two of them first got assigned these jobs. Reminding him of some words he said that she had always been taken to heart. I'm impressed, I didn't know she had such respect for Keiichiro.

Going back to the Lupinrangers restaurant; Kairi is telling them about the encounter in the park when Sakuya drops in for a visit. Just him alone, saying he had to get away from the "bloodbath". A statement that excites Kairi a little too much.

Well, he tells them about the slap and almost gives away police secrets in the process. But, stops himself just in time with the aid of some cartoony sound effects. Not even joking, they move their bodies around and it plays these squeaks to signify that was a close call. Not much else comes from that as the Gangler begins a rampage to try and draw out the Lupinrangers. However, the Patrangers arrive first and are greeted with a blunt "I'm not after you" from Bumbolt. Talk about being an afterthought, ouch.

The fight begins and the Lupinrangers join in immediately. Now things are getting interesting. Lupin Red (Kairi) starts provoking Patren 1Gou (Keiichiro) saying stuff like, "you'll always loose to me" to which he almost snaps. But, he starts having flashbacks and it looks like this will lead to a realization where he decides to prioritize his police duty over revenge but Lupin Red doesn't give him the chance and begins attacking him. In the mist of that, Bumbolt states he has become stronger and launches an attack on the two of them; Kairi dodges it, Keiichiro does not, he takes the hit and crashes into some stone stairs that collapse on him. Through the smoke, he is holding up a large piece of the stairs and it is revealed that he caught it in order to protect some civilians. Now that is what I call a heroic comeback. 

They don't straight up say it but it is clear that if he had also dodged that attack than those two would have been goners. Even though that big rock he is holding looks real fake, this was quite an impressive moment for him.

Keiichiro remembers the rest of what he said back when first joining. To summarize, they have the power to protect people so they shouldn't abuse it or use it for selfish purposes like protecting pride. Rather, focus on people and peace. Cliche but effective. Then, out of no where, GoodStriker shows up, says he has a good feeling about the Patrangers this time, easily steals back the motorcycle from Lupin Red and returns it to the Patrangers. 

That just ruined the moment. All these great scenes and then just throw in a cop-out resolution like that? I am really starting to not like this Goody (GoodStriker) character.

Time for the finishing blow. Patren 1Gou charges the biker treasure for the finisher leaving the Lupinrangers little time to get the treasure before he hits. They manage to get it, just barely avoiding the attack.

Not before burning off a chunk of Lupin Red's cape. 

Keiichiro passes out from exhaustion, Kairi admits he lost this time, and all seems wrapped up. Oh, but first we got to have the giant battle; this time Lupinrangers get to do it. I feel like they give the giant battle to the team who didn't get the spotlight in order to try and balance screen time.

The battle itself is nothing special. Really short and mostly CG which still looks terrible. But, we do get to see a new combination with the helicopter and even a new finisher move with a stupid name. 

The fight ends almost as quickly as it begins and the Lupinrangers bid Bumbolt an Eternal Adieu. After that we get our first good look at Destra's intel person. A stranger looking ice wizard whose powers look very similar to the one that killed the Lupinranger's loved ones. 

The episode ends with the usual wrap up while Kairi acknowledges Keiichiro as a threat and Keiichiro calmly wondering exactly who Lupin Red is. All loose ends tied leaving room for the next storyline.

Final Thoughts

This episode was really good. Not really much to say other than that. The pacing was really good, there was some great character development, and I like that it didn't feel the need to explain things that were obvious like Kairi not being as calm about things as he lets on to be and even gave enough tease about future things to come. There are only two things about this episode that really bothered me. The first being the final giant battle, which was really quick and throw away, existing only to show off the new combination with the helicopter. The other being Goodstriker (Goody) who just ruined the moment with his random appearance.

Keiichiro's defeat in the last episode that resulted in him loosing both vehicles to the Lupinrangers was a big deal for him as it crushed his pride. So, that little substory about them trying to get it back just abruptly ending in a few seconds as Goodstriker just flies in and easily takes and the returns one of them for no reason other than a "good feeling" about the Pateangers was super lame. The disappearing/reappearing character is honestly starting to get on my nerves. However, this was not enough to ruin the episode for me and I will still recommend it for the sake of the character Keiichiro aka Patren 1Gou 4/5

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