Friday, December 30, 2022

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Green Phoenix - Klaus Review

In a corridor between two houses (bearing some resemblance to a Christmas Tree), Klaus holding a large bag of items, with Jesper holding a letter, Alva, and Márgu. The Children are seen holding letters while the adults of the Krum and Ellingboe Clans hold items and exchange taunts. The tagline on top of the film's title reads "Welcome to the Jingle".

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and are excited for the new year.

As has become a custom for the end of the year, my December vacation block has been book-ended with a review or article covering some form of media regarding the holidays. Last year, it was an analysis of the Ranken-Bass Christmas specials and their shared connective universe. This year, I decided to go a little easy on myself and simply do a review of what I am sure will be a future Christmas classic.

The holidays are often inundated with new Christmas-themed movies, usually from the Hallmark channel or made in a similar vein. These films usually come and go with very little fanfare and the rise of streaming services over the last three years has only made this more prevalent. Most Christmas movies pass under the radar or are forgotten altogether, leaving me hungering for a new Christmas IP that would actually manage to stand alongside Christmas classics.

Luckily, today's article is on such a film. Released on Netflix in 2019, Klaus was an extraordinarily well-produced and enjoyed film, and I genuinely believe that it will quickly become a Christmas regular if people continue to watch year after year. It's still early, but I have little doubt in its future classic status.

My confidence is born of my general opinion of the film, which you can read down below.


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