Thursday, September 20, 2018

Uchuu Keiji Gavan Episode 1 Review : Disco Justice Warrior in...Demon Fortress Under Tokyo

In the pilot episode of Uchuu Keiji Gavan (Space Sheriff Gavan), we are introduced to the evil space pirate gang, the Makuu. With their advanced technology, they are able to travel through dimensional rifts and ambush unsuspecting targets to easily gain massive amounts of wealth. This time, they have their eyes set on Earth.

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Overall Opinion: Watch For Lore. Not Too Interesting Of An Episode

The opening scene of the episode sets on watching several kids play SOCCER at an after-school activity center. A silly accident occurs, and the coach calls for dinner while giving his remarks to a helper about a colony almost being finished in space. The Makuu arrive out of a dimensional rift and reveal their plot to attack Earth.

Half the battle is looking cool while being evil.
Gavan doesn't stand a chance

In what amounts to essentially taking over Earth for the lols, Don Horror and his merry gang known as Makku want to harvest all the resources on Earth, possess humans with their fellow demons, and have the ultimate dance party as the world kills each other during the debauchery. Okay, there wasn't dancing mentioned, but both the intro and outro music is Disco. Just know they are the bad guys.

To show off how evil the Makuu are, they summon the Monster Of The Week, Clam Monster, to attack the space colony. The Clam Monster shimmies and jives in a menacing fashion, making all the females swoon to death in the colony. Then as an added bonus, the Makku Command Base sends out fighter bombers to blow up the colony...with the Clam Monster still on the colony vessel (shhhhh).

Never mind, the Makku are hosed!

Space Sheriff Gavan arrives on Earth for a secret mission unrelated to the Makku invasion. The super secret mission isn't revealed this episode, but suffice to say, Earth is grateful for Gavan randomly showing up to save the day. He has a dance off with Makku fighter planes in space, and conveniently arrives at one of the many secret bases the Makku constructed on Earth.

(Wait a minute, with such technology and prep work, why didn't Makku take over Earth years before Gavan even showed up?


An epic break dance ensues and the Makku GET SERVED! The End. Oh, and to have an alias while roaming Earth for said super secret mission in between fighting Makku, he joins the after school SOCCER club as seen at the start of the show.

Overall, the actual play fighting wasn't that good with several kicks and punches not being remotely close to the enemies Gavan was fighting. The climax was rushed and the backstory had several parts that didn't need to be mentioned in the introduction to Space Sheriff Gavan. Things like Mimi, the daughter of Gavan's commanding general, snuck on board his ship for the sake of being a sidekick and an ex-sheriff joined Makku 'cause reasons.

While not off to a great start with the show's pacing, it is a must watch to understand who the characters are and why things work the way they do. They have a pretty cool scene where they 'break it down' and show in slow motion how the suit grafts onto Gavan. Mostly watch for lore, but it's not a bad episode.


  1. Excellently written and summarized the episode well. Keep up the great work Orange Scarab!

  2. Enjoyed the review, would probably watch it based on this.


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