Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Yeah, This is Modded: Buwico 2 in 1 Metal Aluminum Thumbstick Grip Sticks (used for an Xbox One S controller) Review

Need some cheap thumbsticks for your Xbox One Controller? Read my review to see if these are worth your cold hard cash!

I'll be honest, I bought these on a whim. Like, literally saw them on Amazon and just thought they looked neat. We all have those moments, you know how it is. This review is gonna be a little shorter than the Bionik Quickshot grips because... Well... They're literally just metal thumbsticks. Not really that deep of a product.

Installation is simple if you've got a Torx 8 bit, just unscrew the shell, pop the front plate off, pop the plastic ones off and pop these on. Tested in tandem with the Quickshots, they definitely feel more solid than your standard thumbsticks. I felt that they rotated more freely than the standard ones. However, one major drawback showed it's ugly face immediately when using these thumbsticks... My damn thumbs slid around after only a couple minutes of playtime. Perhaps the standard ones wick away sweat a little more consistently because trying to aim as if you dipped your thumbs into water before handling your controller isn't fun in any capacity.

But aside from that glaring issue for folks with sweaty gamer hands such as myself, I definitely see myself using these more in the near future once the rest of my controller parts arrive. They're well designed, the texture on the thumbsticks are decent and feel alright and not rough at all plus very slightly wider thumb surface area. But if you're like me, I'd highly recommend finding some thumb grips from somewhere like KontrolFreek or something similar.

They can be found on Amazon for a grand total of $9 dollars US. They come in nine colors.

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