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Red Prime Shard - Splatoon 2 Final Fest (Splatfest)

So we’ve had the final Splatfest in Splatoon 2 which was known as the Splatocalypse as the theme was Chaos vs. Order.  In story, we had a debate between Off The Hook members Pearl and Marina on which they preferred.  Pearl wanted Chaos to win as she didn’t want to live in a predictable world where everything was boring and too much the same, where as Marina felt more comfortable with Order as she wanted to live in a world where she could feel safe and secure where she wouldn’t lose what she loves, namely Off The Hook which means everything to her, especially as it saved her from a dark time in her life, especially when during that time Pearl being protective of her despite Marina’s dark past.

Pearl argues on why Off The Hook was created in the first place and it was due to Pearl and Marina being tired of hearing the same 20 songs on repeat every day on music shows and radio and that they would never stop coming up with new material and not confirm to everyone else’s visions.  Marina then reminds Pearl what she said when they first formed Off The Hook, and that was their ink and colors were not special alone and don’t become special until mixed together to make new colors which gave her hope during the dark period of her life.  However, personally, that’s still making something new and different from what there is, so I’m personally not sure how this works well as an argument.  Pearl tries to convince Marina she has more then just Off The Hook such as Marina having more fans then Pearl herself does, as well as all other DJs being envious of her and she also mentions that they are part of Marina’s world as well.  Marina however says that’s the point and that in a world of chaos, she may not see them again.  Pearl gets annoyed with Marina taking this so seriously.  Marina says that she’s not saying nothing should change at all, she just wants to protect the balance she’s found in her life and then asks Pearl if she thinks it’s important to create a place they can feel safe and secure.  Pearl says she doesn’t want that kind of place if everything in predictable.  Pearl however says she doesn’t want to see the world burn, but she does want to see daily changes.

Marina worries that it can lead to Off The Hook breaking up.  Due to this argument, Pearl enacts a rule of Splatfest law called Article 4 which means the losing side has to accept the world the winning side wants.  Marina is terrified by this and worried about what will happen to Inkopolis, but Pearl just simply responds that she’ll figure it out during the Splatfest.  Pearl then responds how the fest will be three days long (72 hours) and that Marina needs to think about it as well, and Marina responds how she’s going to start designing her perfect world and then feels this may actually be fun after all.  Pearl now satisfied that Marina is on board and mentions the new gear for the plays (as a reminder to look up and download them for the Splatfest) while Marina says she’s going to design a special new stage for the Splatfest.  And thus, the time comes to prepare for the final Splatfest.

Once the Splatfest has begun, as usual, Off The Hook is outside of the studio and Pearl and Marina make all the stage announcements on a big stage outside.  One difference however are Pearl and Marina’s new outfits made specifically for this final Splatfest and they look very nice.  It was great to see them sing and dance “Color Pulse” one last time, and even more so in these outfits, and I recorded these performances so that I can look back and enjoy how the last Splatfest was celebrated.


I chose Team Chaos since online, I saw polls with more people voting for Chaos then Order, and I also chose it since when I think of Chaos, I think of Chaos Emeralds, and I’m a huge Sonic fan, and within videos, my character has a Chaos Emerald, so it made the most sense to pick this one to me.

Now let’s get to the stages.  Now let me state that I’ve only played ONE other Splatfest which was Knights vs. Wizards and I stupidly didn’t look up how to download the special outfits for said Splatfest so I don’t have them.  So due to this, I don’t have too much experience with Splatfests and I regret that I didn’t get into them more when I bought the game.  Regardless, I’ll cover what I can.  For the Shifty Station stages, we had the following to what I played: Fancy Spew, The Bunker Games, Flooders in the Attic, The Splat in our Zones, The Chronicles of Rolonium, Furler in the Ashes, A Shifty Tilting Balance, and I think a couple of others, but we also got a brand new stage which was known as MC.Princess Diaries.

(MC. Princess Diaries)

A lot of these were very fun to play and I had both many victories and defeats.  However, the stage I felt was the most fun to play was the one made for this Splatfest and I only got to experience on the final day of the fest, and that was MC.Princess Diaries which also takes place around the last stage of Octo Expansion after Agent 8 (your protagonist in that mode) defeated the final threat.

             (I see Off The Hook up there!  HI, GIRLS!)
This stage was a lot of fun to play with the hyperbombs which you shot to splat more territory and hopefully splat away anyone near them.  However, in the last minute of this stage, we have the Princess Cannon and whichever player can get to it and control it in time, they get to launch an attack for their team which is like the Killer Wail special weapon from the first Splatoon.  I got the chance to fire it myself once and it was awesome.

You basically summon Pearl and she uses her voice to do the Princess Cannon, so the name of the stage makes a lot of sense considering Pearl’s online username is MC.Princess.  Also on the final day of the Splatfest, we got to hear Off The Hook songs “Fly Octo Fly” for the main fights and during the last minute, “Ebb and Flow” which really added a lot of tension to the last day of battles.  Honestly, while I love the Splatoon 2 version of “Now or Never” I REALLY love this version of “Ebb and Flow” and wish it would be the new permanent “One Minute Left” song.  Granted, you can hear them during the final boss fight of Octo Expansion, but they just REALLY added a lot of life here.  Regardless, for the MC.Princess Diaries stage, it made sense to use this as you’re letting Pearl’s amazing voice help you as it did in Octo Expansion.


But how was my playthrough overall of the fest.  Pretty intense.  I used all kinds of different weapons I feel I could work with such as the Kensa Octobrush and Splat Dualies.  Many had advantages and disadvantages for me, one advantage I was hoping for with the Kensa Octobrush was covering turf which is the most important as these are Turf Wars.  I’ve covered good turf with the brush before in some Turf Wars and it’s been a huge help in Tower Control pro battles, but it didn’t help me as much here.


I was hoping the Splat Dualies would be better, and to SOME degree, they were, but they didn’t cover as much distance of ink as much as I was hoping.


In the end, I went back to my main weapon from most Turf Wars, the N-ZAP ’89 and while I began with this and had some troubles, in the end, since it was the weapon I was used to, I did a LOT better.  I covered more ground, I splatted more opponents, and more was accomplished with me using this weapon.  This was especially helpful on the final day where I won more battles then I lost thanks to using a weapon I know and loved, and even more so, having good teammates.


I had a few moments where I either couldn’t find enough players or I had some connection to console issues happen, but they were more towards the start and I didn’t face them as much towards the end.

However, with all the fun I had, I have a personal problem and I don’t know how many others suffered it who used these controller types, but my wired PowerA controller became incredibly unresponsive towards later battles I had.  The controller often works for many other games I have, but it has a lot of problems with Splatoon 2, and with the recent 5.0.0 update that happen, it was even worse in Inkopolis.  Towards the end, I had to stop using it and start using my Joycons in grip mode so I could play without connection issues.  Due to this, I realize I’ll need a pro controller at some point, so it’s something I’ll need to look into.  Still, the Joycons in grip mode helped for the final battles even if they are not as comfortable to use.

When the Splatfest ended, I checked the results, the votes were 58.05% for Chaos and 41.95% for Order.  For the clout (points for wins from teams) it was 51.39% for Chaos and 48.61% for Order in Normal battles, and 50.34% for Chaos and 49.66% for Order on Pro battles.  With this, Chaos just barley won in all categories when it came to the fights, but took a better lead with the votes as I expected.  So Chaos won!  Pearl proudly claims how “CHAOS REIGNS!” and Marina is in fear going “INKOPOLIS IS DOOMED!” to which Pearl gives off an evil laugh.

With that, Pearl declares that it’s time for everything to change and she wants to start with Off The Hook.  This terrifies Marina as she’s afraid Pearl is going to break off from Off The Hook and the duo will be separated.  Pearl says how these few years together have been amazing, but she feels they’re missing out on other experiences.  Just as Pearl tries to finish and say “It’s time for Off the Hook to break—“ Marina quickly stops her out of fear, but Pearl finishes anyway and says that it’s time for Off the Hook to break into new genres of music and mentions how with that, they’ll take over the world and rock the world of music till the end of time… or until Pearl can get her solo career off the ground.  Marina then pouts at that last part, but Pearl responds how she was just kidding by saying “BAHAHA… I’m just playin’, Marina.  You know I love you.” and thus this phrase has begun the massive flood of shippers making love art and texts of the two in Inkopolis, especially with Marina responding “Pearl… I… I… I’m so happy right now *sob*” like she was just proposed to.

Doesn’t help quell the shippers when Pearl responds with “It’s you and me against the universe, ‘Rina!”  And while I get this next line is about music, the way it’s worded with one particular word also doesn’t help: “Let’s wake the sleepin’ giants with our SLOPPY sonic science!”  The word I put in all caps is really what makes me raise an eyebrow.  What is SLOPPY sonic science?  Either way, they thank everyone for sticking with them for so long and Pearl mentions how Splatfests may be coming to an end, but Off the Hook is just getting started.

With the Off the Hook part covered, I reached the rank of Chao Queen (my Inkling character is a female) which is the highest rank you can reach which shows how much effort I put into playing this Splatfest.  My reward for both winning and reaching this rank was 24 Super Sea Snails to upgrade my gear with more slots and hope to keep playing to keep the style I want for my Inkling as well as become a well rounded shooter in this series.

When I went back to the game to double check the names of the weapons I used outside of my recordings, we got update 5.0.0 which also offered upon loading a Splatfest Tee Replica which is the same as the original, except this one is permanent and not exclusive to Splatfests only.

However, while I haven’t done this yet, this update also added a Turf War (Splatfest) mode for private battles,  However, I don’t have enough friends online who have this game and who can be available at the same time for it, and none of my local friends have the game at this time.  But I was able to create a room to at least check in on it and yeah, it’s pretty cool you can arrange your own Splatfests.  I also read if you are wearing the Splatfest Tee Replica, their Splatfest team name will be displayed on their shirt.  I can’t test that, but it’s pretty cool.

Overall, this was a great final Splatfest and I hope if we get a Splatoon 3, we will have more in the future.  It’s a shame to say farewell to them for now.  Thank you, Nintendo for providing us such an awesome game and giving players all these events to make the game worthwhile for a few years.  As long as the servers are still active, I’ll keep playing on it every once in a while since it’s so much fun.  With that said, thank you for reading my article on this Splatocalypse.

Till next time!

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