Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Yeah, This is Modded: Bionik Quickshot grips for Xbox One controllers Review (used in an Xbox One S controller)

Need a grip and a better trigger stopper on your Xbox One controller? Read my review and find out if you should nab these grips!

Modding things is one of my favorite pastimes besides writing, reading, gaming, and shitposting on the internet. You name it gaming wise, I've probably tried to fix it or mess with it to make it a little better in some way or another. While this isn't necessarily a mod in the usual sense, I decided to make a small series on some of the parts I'm using in my latest build: A fancy Fallout themed controller. Just because I'm that fucking extra.

So what exactly is the Quickshot by Bionik? Welp, according to their website, the Quickshot is supposed to allow better accuracy in FPS games due to a "patent pending" design switch near the left and right triggers respectively plus a textured grip for improved control.

First impressions were good. The pry tool included is... Passable? I'd definitely recommend your own if you have it, probably higher quality. The textured grips felt decent in the hands. Installation is simple: just remove your stock rail grips from your controller with your pry tool of choice and click these bad boys in. The switches on the grips do as they say right on the box.
Flip em' up and the triggers stop a little shorter than usual. Flip them back down for your standard experience with your triggers for non shooty bang bang games.

But are they the best thing since sliced bread...? I tested them in several matches of solo mode Apex Legends, on guns in Fallout 4, and some other miscellaneous games involving gunplay such as Borderlands 2. While they seem to do as they say on the box, I don't really feel much of a difference in terms of response time from when I shoot my weapons. It could be my inexperience with products of this nature but in the same vein, I've played with my fair share of different controllers so who knows. I may give a product update to see my thoughts later.

As for the textured grip functionality of the product, I love it completely. It seems to fill a void in the hand feel of controllers I've been missing in my gaming career. I have admittedly sweaty fingers and palms after long game sessions so this definitely quells some of that slipperiness I've faced. Definitely solid in that department.

Overall, should you purchase the Bionik Quickshot controller grips for your Xbox One controller? ... Hm. They are $15 US bucks on Amazon, $20 US on their website. For the price point, they aren't bad for sure. I'd recommend them for the grips alone honestly, ignoring the hair trigger addition. Taking both functions into consideration, I'd recommend them, even if I found the hair trigger aspect to be lacking in nature.

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