Monday, November 26, 2018

VR Troopers Episode 09 Review - Kaitlin's Little Helper

I wish I could fake excitement for this episode. Ziktor wants to pollute Crossworld's public park to such a toxic state that he could buy it from the city. Oh yeah, and Kaitlin's cousin, Betsy Scott, appears for emotional tension when she is kidnapped. Will the Troopers be able to...just click 'Read More' if you dare to read the summary of this snooze-fest.

Overall Opinion: Avoid Like The Plague. Nothing interesting happens at all during the episode.

Betsy Scott, Kaitlin's cousin and aspiring reporter, joins the Troopers for an afternoon trip to the park so she can write a report about the animals living there. Because no one can have fun under Ziktor's watch, he decides to disperse an algae that eats plant life at a fast rate. The Troopers investigate by taking a sample and analyzing it at Professor Hart's lab. Betsy contributes to the investigation by wandering off into the park and getting captured by the Skugs who were dumping the slime.

Even the kid is annoyed she is apart of this episode.

Upon learning Betsy is missing, the Troopers transform and split up to look for her. Ryan pilots the VR Interceptor to find Betsy, Grimlord's latest Robot-Of-The-Week confronts J.B. and Kaitlin attacks the Skugs dumping the toxic material. Kaitlin gets her butt handed to her and unites with J.B. to defeat the Skugs and Gunslinger, the Clint Eastwood impersonator.

Ziktor is forced to restore the park and everybody is happy. THE END

This episode was very boring. They didn't try to solve the slime problem and kept switching to different threats so they didn't have to focus on a problem. Because of that decision, we get no satisfactory conclusion to solving the slime crisis, no epic rescue scene with Betsy, nor a compelling fight scene with Gunslinger. I don't even have any funny screenshots! It was disappointing. more...

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  1. The gunslinger looks pretty ridiculous. This sounds like one of those episodes that makes a person question what they are watching.


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