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Pokemon Sky Legends Booster Box Opening (Japanese Set) OWC #2

Time for another article about Pokémon cards.  This is Obsessions With Cardboard issue #2.  You know when you are deep into the game, when you buy yourself a Japanese booster box just for certain cards that would've cost more than buying the booster box itself.  Thankfully, I'm not that deep into the game. No! I bought this booster because the series itself looked very nice and couldn't wait for the English edition to come out.  That's not to say that this whole set will be released in English.  Some of the cards are very "interesting" to say the least, to the point where I doubt that they'll get released outside of Japan.  I purchased this set from an independent Australian card shop called Collectable Madness.  (Check them out.)  Anyway, enough time wasting, let's see what I got in this Sky Legends booster box. (Click on "Read More" to read the full article.)

Included in this box are 30 booster packs but unlike the English packs, these ones only contain 5 cards instead of 10.  I really like how it can be folded out to create a display.  Yeah, yeah, I know that's how they are supposed to be because they are meant to be displayed in shops.  There's just something special about having one of these on display at your home.  Another cool feature is that it comes with two checklists, so you can mark down which cards you have.

Sadly, I can not read Japanese (yet), neither do I know all of the Pokémon off by heart so excuse me if I don't mention any certain Pokémon.  Anyway, I like the trainer card (second card from the left) that came in this pack with its very unusual GX attack.  Does this mean that this card can be used as a Pokémon like Pokedoll or Fossil? Or does this card attach to a Pokémon and give them a GX (or an extra if it's already a GX Pokémon)? I'm not sure and I am too lazy to Google it.  I do hope that it comes out in English.

Getting doubles already.  If you can't already tell, you do not get a foil or a rare in every pack.  Nope!  Japanese sets make you earn them by getting lucky with the right pack.  Anyway, I'm really enjoying the artwork on all of these cards so far.  Really like that Magneton (yellow card on the far right).

Yay! First holo rare in the set and I do like how they have nice shiny silver boarders around them.  Although, this Tsareena (green card on the far right) is very suggestive looking and I doubt that it'll come out in English in this form.

This one is for the fans who like their Pokémon thicc AF.

I do love the Hoothoot card (center card) and how it is hiding from a storming Zapdos.  The Fomantis (second card from the right) card is also super cute.  I really like the Pokémon cards that uses photos of toys and woolen version of them.

HELLO! We've got ourselves a GX card (the card on the very far right).  Sadly, it is of one that I do not know of but I am glad to have it in my collection.  Also really like that Ekans card (center card) and how it is hiding from an Articuno.

A Numel, Numeeellll. A Numel, Numeeellll. A Numel a ha-a! (Center card.)  Also, the first energy pull from the box and it's one of the special ones, a Recycle Energy (second from the right).  That Lickilicky card (very far right) is also very silly but cute looking.

Another foil card, another Pokémon I do not know of (second from the left).  That Lickitung card (center card) is also a little disturbing with how its tongue is all drooly and whatnots.  Yay! Also pulled a Pokémon Maniac trainer card (far left).  If you think this card looks creepy, you should see the full art version of it and how it looks like a creepy BDSM gimp.  Sadly, I didn't pull the full art version of it and I very much doubt that it'll get released outside of Japan.

Woo! Jessie's Arbok (far right).

More doubles.  Moving on.

Woo! A holo rare of a very scary looking Magnezone (far right).  Also, another GX trainer card (second from right) but of a different type.  Man, these GX trainer cards have really gotten me curious as to what their effects could be.

A-HUBBADA-HUBBADA-HUBBADA! I've got one! It's a GX Tag-Team of Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres (second from left).  Right in time for the Japanese anniversary of Pokémon the Movie 2000.  It is a very awesome card and funny enough there are three versions of this card in this set.  I got the more common of the three but that doesn't matter because at least I got one of them.

WOO! James' Weezing (far left).  The nostalgia is real.

Another rare holo of yet another Pokémon that I'm not familiar with (second from left).

It looks like me trying to figure out if a deal is too good to be true or not.

More doubles.

Yeah, getting new cards from the set has proven to become difficult at this point.

It's half-way into the unboxing. *Points to lighted sign saying that it is half way though the unboxing, while music plays* (Monty Python reference.)

OOOOOOO! A holo rare of a Victini (second from left).

Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.

Nothing at all.


Hmm.  That's a very interesting looking trainer card (second from left).

Another double of a Magnezone (second from left).

Another Victini (second from left), not a bad thing at all.

More doubles.

YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY! Pulled a rare holo of Team Rocket (far right).  Weird that it doesn't have Meowth and Wobbuffet in the picture though.  There is a full art version of this card and they do appear on it but it is a hard card to pull.

More doubles with very nice art on them.

YES! Another GX Tag Team card.  This time I pulled a very interesting combination of Alolan Exeggutor and Rowlet (second from left).  Well, owls do live in trees, so this combination does make sense in its own weird way.

More doubles.

OOOOOO! A holo rare trainer card (second from left).

Got most of the cards in the set at this point, so doubles are imminent.

OH! A holo rare Pokémon card that I haven't pulled before this pack (second from left).

Nothing special here.

Final pack in the box.  Here's hoping that I get some last pack magic and pull out something great.

HOLY S**T! Pulled a hyper rare card (second from left).  It's a Pokémon I don't know, but who cares, it's a hyper rare.  Yup, I did pull the regular GX of this card earlier on in the box.

Well, that's all and what can I say about this set? Well, it's short for one.  I nearly got the complete basic set from this one box.  There are a lot of secret rares in this set and they are hard to get.  I do really like the art in this set, it looks really good.  I'm curious to see which of these cards get released in English.  Very good set overall.

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