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Top 10 Most Viewed Posts of 2023


Happy new year everyone! 2023 has been a great year for Emerald Rangers, so I shall now reveal the 10 posts that gained the most views of the year. (Not all time, not the "best" posts.) Click read more.

10. Sonic Frontiers - Updated Review (Cameron)

Our brilliant newest member Cameron has made the list a few times. He had already reviewed Sonic Frontiers at its launch, but after putting in much more time with it he gave it another look in this article.Sonic is a franchise that is very easy to hate on, (and yes this website is full of Sega fans). However, Cameron has always been great at making fair and honest reviews and this one is no different. Check it out, but remember that all reviews are objectionable opinions so you may feel differently about the game. 

9. Sonic Dream Team - Review (Cameron)

I do not like to repeat myself in these posts so I'll keep this one short. Cameron on Sonic strikes again, this time it's not a main series title but one for the mobile devices. Much more obscure, I did not even know this was a thing before Cameron posted about it. This is a great topic to write about, something casual and official. (Although not my choices so the characters that would make up a "dream team".)

8. Top 10 Best Spongebob Games (Cameron)

One more post from Cameron, but this time about Spongebob. I can see why this article was successful, Spongebob is a major name. There have been Spongebob games for decades and their quality have been Great, Terrible, and plenty in-between. So, take a look at this countdown and learn some of the more positive side of that history.

7. Power Rangers - My Top 5 Yellow Rangers (Cendoo-Ghost Ranger)

One of my countdowns. Wow, I did one of these for every color of Ranger but it is kind of shocking that the Yellow was the most popular. Anyway, this countdown was just me being a fanboy but I stand by all my picks. For now. I'll never do one of these for Super Sentai because there is  no way I can catch up with all 50ish years of that show.

6. Hero Mama League "Episode 1": Solved in no time! The Path to Glittering Hero Mama - Summary/Review (Cendoo-Ghost Ranger)

This one topped last years list and I am a little un-happy to see it again considering it is nearly a 4 year old article. A strange one-off special from Super Sentai that I loved despite glaring flaws.Happy Mothers Day 2018.

5. Re-Writting the Dragon Ball Z Movies to Fit the Canon (Cendoo-Ghost Ranger)

This was a new type of article for me and somewhat of a passion project. Many people have explained why the movies cannot be canon and a few tried to piece them into the timeline. So, I wondered what they would have to change in order to make them possible to fit the canon. It turned out to be a much harder task than I anticipated but i did my best with it. All in good fun.

4. Top 5 Horrible Bullies in Cartoons (Cendoo-Ghost Ranger)

This countdown came out of nowhere but I wanted  to write it after re-watching some cartoons from my childhood. So much went over my head as a kid. Bully characters are so easy to do wrong by maknig them either too cruel or always win. Want to do a bully right? Look up Helga from Hey Arnold. 

3. Sponge-Bong Hemp-Pants - Episodes 1 - 3. Summary/Review (Retrokaiser-Dark Rider)

This one is kind of a shock to see. A 5 year old article that did not even make last years list. Kaiser did this review pretty much on a dare on this short lived drug themed spoof Spongebob show. No idea why interest in it had spiked but all the more powerful to you stoners.

2. 6 Times Power Rangers and Super Sentai Referenced Each other (Cendoo - Ghost Ranger)

Another one of mine and another one from last years list. Given the topic being both odd but also interesting I can understand how many people who are interested would not find it right away. Still, I said my piece in the old article so no need to drag on it.

This countdown was a real passion project for me from a game in my top 3 most played hours of all time. I am not the first person to do this kind of list, but I am still proud of it. I love all of these characters and did not even need to do much research when writing this list because I knew so much about the lore by heart. Still, it is an easy list to disagree with, which I encourage for the sake of debate.

That does it for 2023. What will 2024 bring? Who knows, but hopefully no drama. I do not know the future of this website but I am proud to have started it and have no intentions of giving up on it anytime soon. Please remember these 10 picks are based on the views they got ONLY in 2023 and are not the most viewed articles of all time. (Holding off on that countdown as long as I can.) Till next time, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger, signing off. 

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