Friday, January 26, 2024

The Simpsons Season 35 Is Actually Good. What Happened.


There is no secret that The Simpsons has been in a steady decline of quality these last couple of years. However, things may be finally shaping up for the show, as fans have genuinely welcomed the quality of Season 35's current episodes.

Previous seasons tend to be a hit or miss, or repetitive & recycled stories that are largely forgettable. I remember the past few seasons haven't been that memorable, with Season 31 being probably, in my opinion the worst season of the show i've seen in a long time. Some of my biggest issues with the modern seasons, including Season 30 is that they kept on using too many outside writers. One episode that I disliked the most was "Bart VS Itchy & Scratchy" - not only would it be something that he would never do, but it tried too hard to relate to real world events in a mostly cancel cultured way. Other times, entire episodes would have been drawn out parodies of a show or movie that I have never seen nor cared to watch.

Season 35 seems to ignore all of these issues, and goes back to using most of the regular writers & Dan Castellaneta seems to be executive producer on most of these new episodes. 

Another thing, Homer's stupidity seems to be going back to the original classic era as he isn't as aware of it as he once was in past modern seasons. So far this season doesn't rely so much on random background characters that you haven't seen for ages, instead other interesting things happen, for example - Homer accidentally becomes a crossing guard, Marge worries about her kids growing up, one of Comic Book Guy's favourite action figures gets broken by a mysterious villain, for example. These stories are more basic and reminiscent of classic episodes of the show rather than trying to fit in the modern times that is now.

I think the only episode of Season 35 I didn't enjoy so far was the Treehouse of Horror episode, although I did like the 2nd segment with Lisa altering the Sideshow Bob episode, but the other 2 segments fell flat. NFT's aren't scary. 

Nevertheless I have been quite satisfied with the new direction of the show, and hope it continues so more episodes of the series can be good again in the future.

The Simpsons Season 35 is now streaming on Disney+

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