Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Power Rangers - My Top 5 Yellow Rangers


Yellow Rangers were a pretty even split with male and female in Japan, but mostly female in America. A flexible role on the team, could be the sweetheart, the tomboy, a muscle, the loveable gullible one, or a number of other roles. Sadly, few Yellow Rangers are given a chance to standout and shine even if they are good characters. It was not an easy list to make, but click "read more" if you want to see it.

#5: Dustin (Ninja Storm)

A comic book nerd/BMX racer who is also secretly been training to be a Ninja. Dustin is naïve and trusting to a fault. But, that's what makes him likable. Especially when his trust is betrayed and gets depressed, that part is really relatable.  At the end of the day. This guy is a pure dude-bro who enjoys being a Ranger a little too much sometimes. Enjoyable doofus.

#4: Katie (Time Force) 

Stronger than 10 gorillas and a heart of gold. Katie is family oriented, someone who stands up for the small guy, and is the backup everyone wishes they had. Katie wasn't given the spotlight a lot during Time Force, when she did she had some intense emotional scenes. Especially, when she was in a state of horror over realizing that there is a possibility that she will never see her family in the future again. It is always nice to see a strong lady as a ranger, even if this takes that a little too literally.

#3: Maya (Lost Galaxy)

Jungle girl with a big connection to nature and one of the strongest character journeys of any ranger. She had to watch her home planet be turned to stone and is then forced to adapt to a new modern world while fighting as a ranger. Maya, in a lot of ways, is the spirit of her team as she has the most to fight for and lose but is still the optimist and has a connection with everyone, including their Galactabeast (zords).

#2: Trini (MMPR)

How can you go wrong with the OG? Trini was the jack of all trades of the team, she was an expert martial artist like Jason and Zack, did science like Billy and even translated him, and had girl time with Kimberly. She was strong, nice, and always encouraged teamwork. Everything a great ranger needs. (I miss her.)

#1: Taylor (Wild Force)

An ex-air force pilot who became leader of the Wild Force Rangers and was the first one to be recruited making her a veteran before and during her ranger run. Then later second in command because she wasn't red. Taylor is strong, brave, well disciplined and always speaks her mind. Just like the other Wild Force Ranger Alyssa, she is a great role model for young girls, showing how to be tough. 

That's it for the Yellow rangers. This is a favorites list that is different to many others I've seen so, if you think Aisha, Tideus, Tanya, Ashley, Kelsey, Kira, Z, Chip, Ronny, Lily, Summer, Emily, Gia, Calvin, or Zoey should have been on this list, let me know why. Till next time, peace.

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