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Classic YTPer MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK Returns on Bluray


If you were around during the primitive era of early Youtube, back in the early 2000s a meme called Youtube Poop took off. A lot of people were making these Youtube Poops (or YTPs), one of those people was Cameron Hons - aka MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK, who also joined in on the bandwagon. Cameron was no stranger to Youtube even in the early days. Youtube formed in 2005, and Cameron's first account would be registered on it in mid 2006. However, upon finding the hilarity of YTP, he decided to close his first general account and open up a new account dedicated entirely to Youtube Poop editing.

Hotel Mario, a popular Youtube Poop source.
During 2007 - 2012, although MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK was not as famous as popular YTPers of the day like MrSimonAlt or WalrusGuy, he still managed to obtain a cult following. From YTPing popular sources such as "Hotel Mario", "Zelda Wand Of Gamelon", "Zelda Faces of Evil", "I.M. Meen", "Mario Head", "Blues Clues", "Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog", and "The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald". for example. MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK kept up to date with the times.
"Back then it was very easy for other people to find your videos." said MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK. "Youtube used to be about a community and now it's trying its best to make the platform more difficult for everyone. A lot of people found me from the long lost Video Response feature. Those were the days." 

MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK's last Youtube Poop "Mario Head Gets Sucked Into A Black Hole" was uploaded in 2012. Shortly thereafter, his account was closed. A lot of people were sad that MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK shut down, and to this day the reason behind it is unexplained. "I guess I was just stressed out at the time." he says. "It wasn't until only afterwards, I realized people were starting to miss my stuff. Even some guys on 4Chan were sad when my account was closed!" he laughs. MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK did hold a legacy and even today there are old tribute videos of him on Youtube if you search for his name today. 

One of his biggest videos, "Hotel Mario Nouns Replaced With You" which was uploaded back in 2007, managed to gain 70 000 views. It certainly was an achievement back then. "I still get people finding me, saying they remember YTPs such as 'Steve Has A Mental Breakdown Or Something' or 'Ronald McDonald Gets Stuck In The Pipe". Says MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK.
 Sometimes people would YTP MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK. He enjoyed these videos.

Recently, a few years ago MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK found mostly all of his old YTPs on old Hard Drives and Discs. The discovery was dubbed a "Happy Accident" as he did not realize he kept everything. So he ended up uploading them all to the Internet Archive for people to watch or download.

A still from the classic YTP 'Ronald McDonald Hates Youtube Poop'


Recently MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK decided to put all of his classic YTPs on Bluray. It was his best effort to restore everything. "There is over 100 YTPs on here." he says. The Bluray, dubbed "MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK - The Complete YTP Collection" contains 3 discs. Disc 1 & 2 based on MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK YTPs, and disc 3 is a long-lost CD of "MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK - The Album" from 2008.. But that's not all, MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK is also working on a brand new Youtube Poop exclusively for this Bluray set. It's the first YTP made under the original MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK name in over a decade. It will only be available on this Bluray collection, on disc 3 - and no where else. So you won't be able to find it on YT. "If it isn't a mixture of everything i've done before it'll probably be of The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald again as that was a very popular source of mine." he says.


MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK - THE COMPLETE YTP COLLECTION will be released on Bluray early this year. Keep track of Cameron's Merch Store to find it. 


 More features TBA & may change upon release

Bluray Release Date - Q1 2024







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