Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Top 5 Horrible Bullies in Cartoons


Here is a random topic that has been on my mind for awhile, bullies in cartoons. There are so many different examples of bully characters and stories/reasons for there existence. So, to keep things simple, I have based my picks on the bullies cruelty, motivations, and how much karma gets them back.

5. Angelica (Rugrats)

 A selfish spoiled brat and the main antagonist to the babies. This is a character that was designed to be disliked as she is always tormenting the babies by lying to them, stealing from them, and being angry/violent with them. However, being that she almost never wins and often gets punished, it would not be fair to put her any higher on the list. But, just being so nasty is enough to make the top 5. However, I have to wonder why she never reveals to the adults that she can understand baby talk.

4. The Kanker Sisters (Ed, Edd, n Eddy)

Sometimes called "love interests" to the 3 Eds but I never saw them that way. These 3 sisters are cruel, stalkers, and if the genders were reversed would be considered sexual predictors. Whenever on screen they like to force themselves on the Eds with no remorse. Their purpose in the narrative seems to be karma for the Eds whenever they do something bad. A lot of people find them funny, but I always felt bad for the Eds because I do not care which gender is which role, being forced on is a horrible thing to go through. Worst of all is that they never lose; it is super rare whenever something bad happens to them. Nobody knows for sure if they have genuine feelings for them or are just sadistic, personally I think there are elements on both are vary with each one. A YouTuber named Sarcastic Chorus covered this topic pretty well, video below.


3. Dolph, Kearney, & Jimbo (The Simpsons)

(I'm leaving Nelson off because while he is just as cruel, he is only a part-time bully and has more depth.) These three students at an elementary school have been teenagers and sometimes adults and they love to torcher the kids. They are written with the specific role of being bullies and do receive karma payback on some occasions. However, what made them such a high pick is just the level of cruelty they will go with their bullying. Some events that could kill someone. At least they're funny.

2. Francis (Fairly Odd Parents)

This might be a controversial pick, but I always found this character unnecessarily cruel. He beats up people for fun, is extra cruel, and is not even interesting to watch. He serves a role of being the token bully for Timmy to overcome or get beat-up by and does not have much purpose or character beyond that. He disappeared from the show after the 7th season without explanation and I did not even know that until doing research for this list. I really do not like this character.

1. The Greaser Dogs (Catdog)

This gang of dogs is one that has always stuck with me mentally. They are always looking to pound people they do not like, always win with little bad things ever happening to them, and are motivated by bigotry. They hate cats, especially Catdog because they see them as a 2 headed freak, and take great pride in their gang lifestyle. That does not mean I do not see their role in the cartoon, all of them are well defined characters with memorable moments and even some good development. But, their heartless nature cannot be ignored and I really wish some payback would come their way. Here is a video of Catdog being punished for trying to save Lola.

Those were my top 5 picks for the most horrible cartoon bullies/gangs. But, I have barely scratched the surface. There are so many different bully characters that I am sure anyone reading this will have their own choices. One that comes to mind is Helga from Hey Arnold; a great character but not one I would call "horrible". Leave a comment or join our Discord server and we can discuss this. Until next time, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger, signing off.

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