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Arcade Classics (Sega Genesis) - Mini-Review


An interesting title from my collection, an arcade compilation on Sega Genesis. Probably one of the simplest games you can review. Click "read more".

Shout out to Video Game Museum on YouTube.




The game is a collection of 3 popular arcade titles. Centipede, Missile Command, and Pong. All three titles have both the orginal arcade version as well as an updated Sega Version where the presentation is modernized. (Modern for 1996 Sega Genesis specs.) All arcade versions are faithful ports, the Sega Versions are mostly visual updates. Like most arcade titles of the time, these are High Score challenges and do not have an ending. Except Pong which which is a one on one game where first to 15 points wins.

Missile command's Sega version has more details for the buildings you are meant to protect and the targets. Controls are serviceable, but moving the cross hair with a D-pad is slow and less than ideal. Not a huge deal early on, but as the game gets faster it will hold you back. A good port, but not the right choice if going for a personal best high score.

Centipede is a big graphical update from the original 80s arcade game. Music and sound effects have that familiar snare drum that the Sega Genesis is famous for. Controls good too. Of the 3, this is my favorite on the collection.


Yup, Action 52 is not the only way to play Pong on Sega Genesis. There is also UltraPong which is the same base game but has more colors than black background with white lines and dots. Playing Pong with a D-Pad is never ideal, but it is still fun with a friend.

Final Thoughts

This is an interesting title to own. There is not a lot of merit to owning it nowaday because all of these titles have much more convenient methods of playing them and the Sega Versions are novel, but nothing worth hunting out for. Still it is an interesting part of history if for nothing else than a game collection could be solid with only 3 titles. These are all Atari-esc titles which generally are a fun note but do not have a whole lot to talk about. If you simply desire to play one of these classic arcade titles than this collection is not a bad option, but far from the only or most convenient. Primarily for Arcade or Sega enthusiasts. 3/5 

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