Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Emerald Rangers - Top 5 Most Viewed Posts of 2022

 Happy New Year everyone! Maintaining this website has not been an easy task, but one I am glad I stuck to. The biggest factor that kept me going is the simple goal of creating a brand that all my friends and I can post under together and the memories that have come from it. So, just to send off the last year and to reflect, I will be counting down the top 5 most viewed posts in 2022 based on Bloggers Stats page. Please note, this is not a list of the most viewed of all time, only within the last 12 months.

#5: Under Party (Steam) Review - By Dark Rider (Retrokaiser)

Originally Posted June 15, 2020. Games like this, gruesome, lewd, and indie will always have a fair amount of people who are at least curious about it. Also, games that are "not for the feint of heart" tend to have a fair amount of people who want to know about the game, but cannot stomach actually playing it. On top of that, Dark Rider (Retrokaiser) has always been a great writer and whenever something is done out of passion it really shows in his work.

#4: Let's Talk... Adapting The Jack Ryanverse - By Green Phoenix

Originally posted on November 14, 2020. Joe (Green Phoenix) is easily one of our most book smart writers and it shows it how well his articles are structured and have good grammar. Personally, I do not know anything about the Jack Ryan Universe, but I am sure it has a large following. Makes sense this article would attract attention from that fanbase. 

#3: When Dinosaurs Roamed America Review - By Green Phoenix

Originally posted July 10, 2020. Joe strikes again. Movies have always been his specialty and documentaries are not easy to cover. Perhaps Joe will tell us more about writing these articles in his Year End Review.

#2: 6 Times Power Rangers and Super Sentai Referenced Each Other - By Ghost Ranger (Cendoo)

Originally posted February 20, 2020. One of my articles. This is interesting post, while it was meant to be a quick article I could write due to running out of time for the week, it does contain some interesting trivia. I know a lot of Power Ranger fans who are aware of Super Sentai and their reaction to the show is extremely mixed. Some love it, some are purists of Power Rangers, and some vary season by season. Super Sentai and Japan's audience is a mystery to me. I don't speak Japanese so a lot of interviews are unwatchable for me, but I actually really like seeing Super Sentai poke fun of Power Rangers.

#1: Hero Mama League "Episode 1" Solved in no time! The Path to Glittering Hero Mama - Summary/Review - By Ghost Ranger (Cendoo)

Originally posted July 31, 2019. Another one of mine and one I knew would be a high search results. I imagine, like myself, a lot of Toku fans were floored when this "series" was announced for Mothers Day of 2018. Turns out, this was not a series like advertised but a one off special that served to promote a Kyuranger movie. However, the one episode that was made was still really enjoyable and the article contained a lot of images because this episode was just full of crazy stuff in it. 

That's all for this countdown. Crazy how 4 out of 5 of these came from 2020, but I assure you the only views that were counted were from 2022. I look forward to what makes the list next year. I better up my game to knock my own old articles off the list. Peace out!

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