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5 Random Power Ranger Facts you Probably Do Not Know


I love Power Rangers and useless trivia so this list comes naturally. The hard part is keeping it down to 5. Click "read more".

These are not listed in any special order because I fail to see how any fact can be viewed as "best" over another fact.

5. Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam) Had to Wear a Muscle Suit

Something Johnny told us about in one of his panel interviews is that when he was originally too skinny for the black ranger costume. So, they put him in a muscle suit in order to look "normal" in any helmetless scene. Obviously this has changed over the years, he has bulked up, but that is still a funny wardrobe fact.

4. Walter Jones (Zack) Is Missing A finger

More black ranger trivia, something they tried not to draw attention too was the fact that Zack's actor, Walter Jones, does not have a left middle finger. I can only imagine this was even a thing the producers cared about was out of concern that his stock footage counterpart, Mammothranger, did not share this trait. Now that you know, you will not be able to unsee it.

3. The reason Once a Ranger had Bridge as SPD Red

Quick back story, the 15th anniversary of Power Rangers had a 2 part special during the season Operation Overdrive that featured 5 returning Rangers now known as the Retro Rangers. The one that stands out is Bridge as the SPD Red Ranger when he was the Green SPD Ranger until the finale when he was promoted to Blue. There is an in-universe explanation, but the behind the scenes reason is a bit more personal. Originally, they did want the red ranger Jack (Brandon Jay McLaren) back, but he could not return because he is the ex of Emma Lahana who returned as Kira the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger. Going down the list, Chris Violette who played Sky the SPD Blue Ranger, later Red, was unavailable. So, Bridge it is.
(Yes, Jack and Kira's actors used to date. Fanfic writers, behave yourselves.)

2. SPD Nova Ranger Was All Original Footage

While not an all original Ranger because Nova Ranger had a counterpart, DekaBright, non of DekaBright's stock footage was used. This was most likely done for the sake of writing. However, this is a very unique case because while a lot of rangers have original footage, they are usually used in addition to stock footage or are just original Rangers altogether. Show some love for Nova Ranger who sadly only had a couple episodes to shine.

1. Battlizers are originals & Dekarangers made one

You may know that most of the time the Red Ranger's armor upgrade which is usually named the Battlizer, is an original form that never existed in Super Sentai. However, on one special occasion, Super Sentai decided to go ahead and make their own based on Power Ranger's. SPD's counterpart Dekaranger had it's team return to crossover with the next team, Magiranger where Dekared, Ban, was seen with a new form that looked very similar to the SPD Battleizer. This is funny considering SPD's battlizer is one of the most criticized for it's design and that it was made redundant one 3 episodes later because of the Swat Mode. 

Those are 5 silly facts I happen to know about Power Rangers Naturally I know many more, but I will save those for a future list. Till next time, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger, signing off.

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  1. I feel like I remember seeing the Black Ranger without his middle finger as a kid and memory holed it until about 10-15 years ago when it was brought back up somewhere.

    Having re-watched The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series as an adult, I noticed it was always Billy the Blue Ranger who was saving their butts, hence Billy is the best Power Ranger. I want that on official Emerald Rangers record.


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