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Pirate Party The Band Return With A New Album , "Useless Island'

It's been about a year since the last Pirate Party The Band album, "Pirate It Up!" which was released back in February 2023. But now, the original line up of James T Kaiser and Cameron Hons return for a brand new album - "Useless Island". "We never really left" said Cameron. "We'd still been around but hardly streaming and stuff, I guess health & life got in the way, and when you're making content your health comes first." 

It wasn't until New Year's Eve 2023 the duo did a new stream, and the discussions were starting to come back about making a new album. "We started having a few song ideas, but no title." Cameron says. "Then for some reason, I got a great idea - 'Useless Island'". 

What is the origin of the album title?

"I got banned from my original news writing ground for a 2nd time on some dumb Sonic fan site. This time I got so fed up with it that I wanted to get banned, so I spammed their discord server again." Cameron explained. "I thought that place was useless - hence; Useless Island is the title." The cover depicts Cameron's friend, Stefan Goslinga from a 2020 episode of Cameron's Playhouse as the character Bushman Joe. "I had this screen in mind. He did comment on it and said he hope'd he'd get some royalties" he laughed.

The new album has a variety of different styles and music. It's very reminiscent of the first few albums we did where we were very experimental with a wide range of different styles of music. The band are in their 5th anniversary in 2024, and "Useless Island" will be their 14th album. It seems ridiculous but Pirate Party The Band have released a record-number of albums every year since their formation in 2019. The ideas kept on coming, but it was nice to have a break for a while from it and coming back was helpful because more new ideas kept on happening.

The duo features James T Kaiser on lead vocals, and Cameron Hons on Vocals and all instruments. It's been the same line up since their formation. "When I started to do new songs for the new album, James wasn't sure of the title 'Useless Island.' But when I sent him the first song, it was the title track I think, he really enjoyed singing these songs again and said it reminded him of the earlier albums we did."

The proclaimed 'Meme obsessed' Pirate metal band from Australia, originally started out as a band who was based on their favourite video game, Sea of Thieves, which was what the Pirate Party name came from.

"We know it's been a long time since our last album but we made sure this new one was worth the wait." Cameron said. There's even a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Moby Dick" with a 9 1/2 minute Drum Solo from Cameron as well. 

If you've heard their albums before, you'll feel right at home with 'Useless Island'. "There are two types of fans of ours," says Cameron. "The people who don't get us, or the people who do. But the people who don't get us are funnier."

"Useless Island" by Pirate Party The Band is out on CD & Digital January 30 2024. Check out the new Lyric Video for the song "Sea Of AssHoles" about Cameron's old writing place that he since left.."

"Useless Island"

01 Pirate Party Tonight
02 Useless Island
03 I've Got A Surprise
04 Bastard In The Blowhole
05 Pirate Police Report
06 Another Holiday In Papua New Guinea (Feat. Dick Cunt)
07 Moby Dick
08 Everything Is Canon
09 Cocaine Coast
10 You Still Can't Stop The Pirate Party (Feat. Dick Cunt)
11 Sea Of AssHoles


James T Kaiser - Lead Vocals
Cameron Hons - Vocals & All Instruments

Keep an eye out for the new Pirate Party The Band album on their official Bandcamp Page!

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