Sunday, March 22, 2020

Team Fortress 2 (steam)

      Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a Valve developed game that was released all the way back in 2007. It became free 4 years later in 2011. There are many ways of looking at the game as many people play it differently. As such, I will have to cover those ways differently.

      The game-play is simple with complexities. There are 9 classes you can play as in tf2. Going from left to right on the image above, you can play as a sniper, a pyro, a scout, a soldier, a engineer, a medic, a heavy, a demo-man, and a spy.
      Sniper is a more laid back class, you sit, wait, and shoot when you see somebody. Pyro is a class where you charge into action, you have a flame thrower and it has 2 functions, to shoot flame with left click, and to air-blast (witch allows you to shoot back projectiles at opponents) with right click.
scout is also a front line class, as he is the fastest class, but also the weakest. The soldier is where those simple complexities come in. Soldier has a rocket launcher that if you aim at your feet, jump, and crouch mid air, you do what is called a rocket jump, and you can get some massive airtime. The engineer is a laid back class where you build sentries and "dispensers" which heal your teammates. The medic is, well, a medic. Medics follow team mates and heal them so they don't die. Heavy is a class that mows down enemies like a knife through butter. Demo-man is a defensive class that has many explosive weapons to shoot people with. Spy is a class with many devices, he can go invisible, make himself look like a enemy, and has a one shot backstab with his knife.
      A lot of people play TF2 casually. This means they play TF2 for the fun of the randomness and wonkeyness of the game. These people play under the casual tab on the main screen. In that game mode there is a mechanic called a random crit (critical). There are many arguments in all parts of the community debating weather or not random crits are good for game play. Some "sub-classes" include, friendlies, tryhards,and normal players. Friendlies chill and don't help the team win, but are fun to chill with. tryhards hate friendlies and kill them on sight, they only want to win. Normal players fall somewhere between the 2, and those players are the majority.
      Competitive is where people try hard to win, but this time in a good way. Tryhards on casual usually are rude and brash, while tryhards on competitive try to work with there team. The only 2 issues are that a quarter of the maps shouldn't be used in competitive, and it cost 10 bucks to play competitive.
        This game has a lot of cosmetics and a lot of people want them. This has led to an economy being formed around the game with people trading with each other. The main form of currency is keys, which vary in price in real life currency. the original currency was a cosmetic called "earbuds" but they fell out of popularity years ago. There are many scammers out there too, I lost ~$30 last year because of one.

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  1. "Competitive is where people try hard to win.." -Orange Shard 2020


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