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Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Number 34: Legendary Gun - Summary/Review

Red Diamond back again with the 34th episode. Nothing to predict this time, so let's just click "read more" for the full article.


The episode begins with the Lupinrangers returning home from shopping where Goodstriker is waiting for them with some urgent news. Noël Takao is missing!

I really want to see the behind the scenes for when this shot was filmed.

Turns out, our Gold/Silver ranger has gone looking for Arsène Lupin's special hiding place where legend says he has hidden his favorite piece from his collection, the Lupin Magnum, and got caught in a trap. So, the other 3 Lipinrangers decide to go save him and find the Magnum for themselves. 

Looks like it is going to be the episode where they get a new bigger finishing move. Wanna bet the Patrangers won't be getting one as well? ...

One theme song later, at the Ganglers HQ, the 3 main villains are talking about the movements of a Gangler named Kerbero who is a gun enthusiast. 

A very blunt way to preview the monster of the week. What a coincidence that the gun maniac monster shows up on the Legendary Gun episode.

Speak of the devil, the episode cuts to Kerbero.

This monster speaks loud and carries a big pistol bouquet that he refers to as his "cuties". Here is a monster that will never see Power Rangers. At this point, the Patrangers show up to fight Kerbero whom takes an interest in their VS changers. I think I know where that is leading. 

Meanwhile, the Lupinranges find the cave that  is trapped in and Kairi uses his Dial Fighter to unlock the secret entrance. 

Beware of CG rocks!

The Lupinrangers face rock traps while the Patrangers continue to fight Kerbero who can manipulate the Earth with his Collection Piece. That is not cleaver! Kerbero also reveals his personal power, to control Oxygen in the air which makes his bullets stronger.

But, if he can control Oxygen then why doesn't he just suffocate the rangers? Also, is that really how bullet physics work? 

Kerbero runs off after the skull on his shoulder smells another "cutie" and the Patrangers chase after him. So, that skull is alive and can smell without a nose? Yup.

Back with the Lupinrangers, after a series of Indiana Jones style traps, they find an unconscious Noël Takao and the Lupin Magnum. 

Very clean glass for being in a cave for years
One final obstacle for them to pass. Throughout the cave they saw the words Brise, Tes, and Fers, which is French for "Break Your Shackles. After saying the translation out out, all 3 of them wind up in a dream world where there lost loved ones are still alive. (As a reminder, Kairi's older brother, Tooma's fiance, and Umika's best friend were all killed by Zamigo. As revealed in episode 2.) All three Lupinrangers are basically told by the illusions of there lost loved ones to forget them and go on with their lives, but they don't buy it. They all try to shoot their way out of the illusion to no avail.

Sadly, the only way out for the Lupinrangers is to "break their shackles" which means shooting the very people they're trying to save. Umika and Tooma could not bring themselves to shoot and the two collapse. (It is implied that is the same reason Noël Takao was unconscious.) Kairi goes through a different ordeal. He has a self realization moment where he decides that instead of trying to be like his brother and be chivalrous and pure, he will stay true to himself and bring his brother back his own way despite how he sees him. That is kind of a touching moment. Although, I can't say I approve of the "be yourself" message when that means being a criminal. Moral confusion aside, Kairi shoots his brother's illusion and gets the Lupin Magnum. Good thing the magnum was already Red.

This gives Honor Among Thieves a new meaning
The cave collapses and the Lupinrangers shoot their way outside where Kerbero is waiting for them. All 4 of them henshin and the Lupinrangers begin their own battle with Kerbero while the Patrangers arrive and watch on the sidelines. For the most part, this fight showcases some past collection pieces until Kairi uses Lupin Magnum to completely dominate Kerbero. No real reason why he waited so long to use the new gun. After taking a few shots, Kerbero goes down and Tooma steals his collection piece. 

Will no past changer/morpher go unsoiled? Also, I really don't need to be reminded of Goseiger or Megaforce. 

Now, Kairi snaps his two guns together for a new overpowered finishing blow. Lupin Fever!

Monster goes boom then grows giant. The giant battle surprisingly starts out strong for Kerbero, but then he takes one hit and forgets how to fight back. It ends with the magic mode transporting Kairi onto LupinKaiser's hand just so he can do his new finisher move again but bigger.

That is some of the laziest writing I have ever seen.

The episode ends back at the Lupinranger's Bistro with Kairi playing keep away with the Magnum from Umika. The end.

Final Verdict

This episode was handled terribly. Right here is a prime example of how having two main teams can go wrong. Almost every season has a "new weapon" episode, and they typically go like this; new monster is too strong for any of their current arsenal and the rangers lose, so they seek something better, find it, and have a redemption moment. Kerbero was no exceptional threat, he was even losing against the Patrangers before running off because he smelled a new gun. So, without any threat, it was literally just for fun and to show off that they used their upgrades. I am really sick of this seasons strong favoritism to the Lupinrangers. There arsenal was already far better then the Patrangers so I hope they give the cops something to compare with the Magnum. It was out of character for the Patrangers to just sit back and watch the final battle from bushes. 

Overall, while I do have a lot of problems with this episode, it was at least watchable. There were a couple fun moments, like when the Magic form threw a bone that Kerbero's dog shoulder forced him to chase after, and the Lupinrangers having to face their lost loved ones was a fairly emotional scene. But, I still cannot overlook how lazy the writing is getting. 2/5

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