Monday, July 8, 2019

Attack of the Random Singles! - OWC #4

In this edition of Obsessions With Cardboard, there's no mystery, no suspense, no education value. Nope.  For you see, in this edition of OWC, I'm just showing off single cards that I have bought off the internet with my pocket money.  What kind of cards did I frivolously spend my money on? Click on "Read More" to find out. C'MON! DO IT! DO IT NOW!

This first card was a purchase from eBay and it is a holo promo Darkrai.  I like to use Darkrai in my deck, granted it's my digital deck from Pokémon TCG Online.  Because of that, I have grown fond of Darkrai and wanted a physical card of it.  If I'm going to be honest, not the best artwork.  It is very basic to the point of being lazy.  The shine on the card is very awesome though.  The shine really makes the blue and red stand out.  I hope to buy more Darkrai in the future.

This lot of cards came from a shop that I enjoy buying from.  Yup, they are from Chaotic Factory, the same place where I got the $200 mystery box from.  The cards on the bottom aren't anything that special but for the sake of the article, I'm showing them off anyway.  Two Gust of Wind cards from the original Pokémon card base set.  There's a reason why I got them but the reason is too stupid to say in this article.  The other card is a Hoopa in his little form.  It's to go with my collection of Hoopa cards that I have already. (I like to call him, Tony Hoopa.)

The cards on the top are very special cards indeed.  Top right is a very shiny reverse holo of Tierno.  It's not very hard to get this card normally but this edition is a Pokémon League Edition.  Yeah, I know, you're questioning me as to why I'm not saying why the Gust of Wind purchases were stupid, especially when you saw that I bought a special variant of an easy to get card.  The top left card is also a variant, but this time it's a prerelease edition of Misty's Seadra.  Prerelease cards are special preview cards from before a set is released and they are all awesome to own.  Funny enough, the prerelease edition of this card is cheaper than getting the full release edition.

Next lot of cards are from another shop that I like to buy stuff from.  Collectible Madness, baby! Very simple reasons as to why I bought these.  The Blacephalon GX was because I had a 40% coupon and I used that to buy an expensive card for cheap.  As petty as my reason was, the card itself is one that I'm proud to have in my collection.  Too scared to use it in a real deck though.  The other card is a rare Smeargle and I bought it because it was cute.  Yup, I can sense you judging me.

Next two cards were purchased from a shop called PTCG Mart.  Yeah, there are three cards pictured.  The third was a bonus card thrown in and I like how they signed my name on an energy card.  It really boosts the good ol' ego.  The Pokémon Generations set was one that I was very curious about, then I saw how much the booster packs go for these days.  Still, there's some good cards in this set and it was cheaper to buy those as stand alone cards.  This shop only had one of the Generations cards that I was after, a full art Gardevoir EX.  Ended up buying two because they had it at a good price to where it was like getting two for the price of one.  I really liked the art on this one and how it has its past stages on the card as well.

The final lot of cards were all purchased from an eBay shop called Aus Card Chest.

If there's one set that's interested me more than Generations, it's Legendary Collection.  A set that was released only in English and was to make up for the terrible Base Set 2 series.  Reasons why this set interests me are pretty straight forward.  Those reverse holos are stunning, making for some of the most expensive and sought after Pokémon cards of all time.  I got lucky and got this Kakuna for cheap.  Yup, you know it's an awesome set if even a Kakuna is worth purchasing.  Sadly, this card has a little chunk taken out of it, so it's not in prime condition.  Still, it's a card I got for collecting and not playing. I'm glad to have one card from this set in my collection.

More cards from the Generations set.  Actually, it's from a mini-series that's found within the Generations series.  These are cards from the Radiant Collection (Gardevour EX is also from that set).  Card on the left is a full art Flareon EX.  I like how it is hanging out with its fellow Eeveelution brethren.  The only thing I don't like about the card are its eyes.  They are dark and lifeless, like a dolls eyes.  Card on the right is a Mega Gardevoir EX.  While not as good looking as the other Gardevoir card, it's still not a bad card to have.  It goes well with my unintentional collection of Gardevoir cards.  Yes, I have quite a few and I don't know why I keep pulling them out of packs.

These two cards were purely bought to be part of the movie card collection.  On the left we have a holo Diancie.  I'm not sure if it's the same Diancie from Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, but it sure looks like it.  Card on the right is a holo Dark Celebi.  If you've seen Pokémon 4ever then you'll see why a Dark Celebi card makes sense.  I didn't know that there was a card based on this version of Celebi but I am glad that it does.  It is also a dual type Pokémon with it being a grass and dark type.

A holo promo Gastly.  I only bought it because it was too cute to pass up.


A holo Zapdos from the infamous Base Set 2.  Just had to have one card from this terrible, terrible set.

Lastly, four of the five secret rare cards from the Evolutions set ( I already had a Surfing Pikachu card from that set).  These cards are awesome from the weird as Imakuni's Doduo to the high as a kite Flying Pikachu.  These cards were very awesome choices to be included into the Evolution set as secret rares.  The one I liked the most is the bilingual Exeggutor card.  Well, that's it! I'm off to go think things over about what I have done with my life.

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