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Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Number 24: Promise to Return Alive - Summary/Review

We have reached what is roughly the half way point of this season. All I know going into this episode is that it will focus on Kairi and Tsukasa and go over Tsukasa's backstory. There is a lot of mystery behind that alone. Click "read more" for the full review.


The episode begins with both teams trying in vain to gather information on the two remaining Ganglers from Raimon Corps. This reasearch is interupted when 3 girls at the Lupinrangers Bistro are talking non stop about some lucky pendants that really work. All 3 won the lottery and got front row seats to a high demand concert; Kairi suspects something and begins prying for information. Cut to intro! 

That was one of the shorted introduction segment so far. It is worth noting that the opening was changed to showcase scenes from this sentai's first movie. Future review!

One theme song later, Kairi arrives at a night club where he finds the man selling these lucky pendants and confronts him. 

Leather pants, suit jacket and tie, camo shirt, cowboy hat. Enough said

However, Kairi's investigation gets cut short when the Global Police (the Patrangers) also arrive. The Police announce that they will be investigating a rumored Gangler hiding in that club. In response, our pendant salesmen gets up and reveals himself to be Giwi and the club staff to be Pordermen. I appreciate the no nonsense approach. It is as if Giwi does not take the Patrangers as any threat.

The 4 patrangers henshin and engage Giwi. Kairi attempts to secretly henshin and join in but is spotted and lead out to safety by Tsukasa. A nice excuse to get these two alone. Outside the club, Tsukasa confiscates the lucky pendant from Kairi and makes a comment about him living alone with his older brother. This information was secret so now Tsukasa is looking suspicious. 


Back at the club, it is revealed that Giwi's collection piece gives him the power of increased evasion so no shot can hit him, and then he leaves. There is a scene that exists just for continuities sake.

Meanwhile, Tsukasa confesses to Kairi about the investigation they did on him, Tooma, and Umika when they were suspects. Kairi is upset, but mostly just wants to get away from this conversation, however, Tsukasa isn't backing down. She tries to relate to Kairi by telling him that she also lost her parents at a young age and was raised by her grandparents. Her story goes on to explain how her grandfather was also a cop, taught her self defense, and showed how much he cared for her when she encountered her first criminal. All this does strike home for Kairi

This scene feels a little too real. Everything about it really does feel like how a police officer would talk to someone they believed to be a good person but are making bad decisions like going out to dangerous night clubs. 

The last thing Tsukasa says to Kairi before she is called off is her dream to live a quite life with her grandparents and her promise to return to them alive. The Patrangers fight for peace. They really know how to bring out the true meaning in that.

The Lupinrangers love the word "promise"

Elsewhere, it is revealed that Giwi is doing business with Zamigo and that Zamigo is Raimon's arc-rival. More importantly, Giwi's plan is revealed. All those lucky pendants he has been selling are turning into vines, encasing the people wearing them, and draining their life energy away. Once their luck energy runs out, they feed on the user for nourishment. 

This just got dark.
What is his angle? Get rich selling parasites then kill all his customers? May as well be a drug dealer.

Turns out, Giwi despises humans and loves plant life making this a double win plan for him. Why does it feel like he would have gained supporters from that statement? Regardless of what the ELF might say, the Lupinrangers arrive to stop Giwi. The 3 thieves henshin and begin battle with Giwi and some Pordermen with the Patrangers joining in shortly after. 

The fight scene against the footsoldiers and monster feels like one of the traditional battles this season hasn't been using. Giwi's power of evasion is allowing him to overpower the rangers, mainly Tsukasa and Kairi who had gone after him.

Things look bad when Tsukasa gets an idea. If she uses the lucky pendant than hitting Giwi becomes possible, but doing so would result in her becoming a tree as well. While Tsukasa hesitates to put her life in danger, Kairi does not and snatches the pendant from her. With the lucky pendants power, Kairi lands a series of blasts which does result in him becoming a victim to the plant but gives Tooma the opportunity to steal Giwi's collection piece. 

Give Kairi credit, a true red ranger never hesitates in fear of their own life. Tsukasa was also impressed.

Kinda looks like a toy I once got at a $1 store
With his evasion powers gone, Giwi cannot put up anymore fight and is taken out by the Patrangers. The pendants turn to sand, everyone is saved. Now, monster turns giant.

Patrangers take the megazord battle this time. The giant fight with Giwi lasts maybe a minute with one set of exchanged blows and the Patrangers ultimately winning earning them another Mission Complete. On the sidelines of this fight, Raimon pleads with Zamigo to join forces with him but is turned down for now.

Plot twist! After Giwi's defeat, Raimon becomes an even larger giant.

with one slash and a series of missiles, both PatKaiser and X Emperor are down and out. Episode Ends! Cliffhanger!

Final Thoughts

This episode was brilliant. it had good fight scenes, some great character development, was acted well, and a pretty intense turn of events at the end. The conversation between Tsukasa and Kairi genuinely felt like how a strong policewomen would be talking to a delinquent teenager they are trying to help, not mean but firm and almost maternal. Got to say, I am legitimately looking forward to the next episode which is an accomplishment for this one. 5/5

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