Friday, January 27, 2023

Cameron Hons Releases New Album, "You Can't Get Arrested", Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of Original Music


Coming straight into January 2023, we already have a new album by Australian Independent Comedy Rock Music Legend Cameron Hons from Sydney, Australia who also happens to be celebrating 20 years of original music this year with vocal album #42 and no signs of slowing down just yet.

Released on January 18 2023, and recorded only in 2 days prior, Cameron Hons is pleased of the new album and the 10 tracks that accompany it. Each song has its own unique sense of meaning and personal enjoyment. Though he often gets criticized for being a 'bedroom musician' rather than working in big expensive studios, he has found over time to enjoy such conveniences and personal enjoyment to work on songs for free in his own time and pace. His music is not to be taken seriously. The term "You Can't Get Arrested" which is also the title track for the album, pretty much claims that no matter how many times people would say they don't like what you do, you can't change what they think and shouldn't do things for them. Do things for yourself and for the people who like it. Not for the critics. They can't arrest you if they don't like it. "Well you don't like this, and you don't like that. I'm not gonna take any of your crap."  Brilliant stuff.

"Inflation" is an iconic number. Probably one of the best songs on the album. Another one with a well thought out meaning and enjoyable beat with great lyrics. Describing the current global situations around the world. "Inflation, right across the nation." these lyrics just scream intelligence. Prices to things still rise every day and people around the world are still suffering. It's quite a dark song but when you hear it it's actually very catchy.

The next track on the album is a song called "I've Seen That On Facebook' a catchy pop type song with memorable lyrics and vocals. There is always a frustration of sharing things on Facebook because if you talk about what you just shared to the people in real life they would say "We don't need to talk about it because i've already seen that on Facebook." this track should belong in Canberra's National Film & Sound Archives.

Next up is the epic blues number "The Things That You Do", puting critics in their place. "You can say what you want to say, and do what you want to do, but I don't have to listen to you". Go the lyrics. There is a great Stratocaster guitar solo from Mr. Hons on this track  that goes for over 5 minutes in a special improvised jam section. Any listener would just find that track enjoyable as the others. 

"Rejection" is another track I think should be a hit. The message of the lyrics is that Cameron can take a yes or no. Don't be afraid to say it if he asks you for a favour or question. Would rather yes or no than nothing! The funky slap-bass lines over a good groove says it all. This is Cameron Hons at his finest!

"Never Update" tells the sad story of when Cameron once decided to update to Windows 11, thinking that it was a good idea, but it actually wasn't. There are now so many updates for Windows 11 that it's barely useable and is imploding itself to death. If you also hate computer updates you would find this song absolutely relateable.

Next up is an epic banger called "Entertaining Entertainment Is Here To Stay" based on Cameron's newly rebooted Youtube channel Entertaining Entertainment. A channel based on DVD/Bluray Unboxings, Film Reviews, Music and whatever else he wants to upload. Check it out today, and maybe subscribe if you like it! 

"Don't Be A Darian" is a song that says it all. Darian is some guy that Cameron knows and hates everything that he does for some reason. He doesn't like Cameron's music and shows but always goes on about it. Also, he kicked Cameron off the Entertainment Korner youtube channel that they both started up because Cameron's videos were getting more views than his. Don't be a Darian. This is a great blues-rock song. 

"Mind Your Own Business" is about Cameron's crazy neighbours that like to do weird shit all the time. Why don't they mind their own business? Maybe they're just fans wanting an autograph. The song has pumping rhythm and bass. Which was recorded during a 40 degree celcius day. That still didn't stop Cameron from making this epic masterpiece.

Lastly, the album ends with Cameron's cover of the classic "Roadhouse Blues" by the Doors. What an amazing way to finish an already wonderful album.
If you want to know more, check it out on Bandcamp today. Or get a copy on CD from the artist himself!

Also, Cameron is celebrating his 20th anniversary of Original Music and you can also grab the epic 4 disc set "20th Anniversary Of Cameron Hons Music" with 74 tracks here. You can also check out Friend of Cameron Hons Australian Radio News Journalist Darren McErlain's article about his 20th Celebrations as well. 

Get your copy of "You Can't Get Arrested" Today!

Line up - 

Cameron Hons - Vocals & All Instruments


01. You Can't Get Arrested
02. Inflation
03. I've Seen That On Facebook
04. The Things That You Do
05. Rejection
06. Never Update
07. Entertaining Entertainment Is Here To Stay
08. Don't Be A Darian
09. Mind Your Own Business
10. Roadhouse Blues

Also, enjoy the album in full on Youtube

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