Friday, January 6, 2023

Stop Asking For A Switch Pro or Switch 2


For bloody ages. Many people have been rumoring a potential 'Switch 2' or 'Switch Pro'. I've seen it pop up on news sites countless times. Even reputable places surprisingly. And now i've  been seeing news that an unannounced Switch  Pro was cancelled by Nintendo, supposedly despite any evidence of it being real.

So why do so many people want a Switch Pro?

The Switch Pro rumor has been around probably since Switch released on launch. It's no secret that Switch Hardware isn't the best compared to the likes of PS5 or Xbox Series X. Yet Switch still has been selling surprisingly well despite a lack of first party titles lately. 2022 was a quiet year for the console. The latest disappointment was Pokemon Scarlet & Violet which was a rushed mess full of bugs and glitches, yet still managed to sell quite well for whatever reason. Lots of people thought the Switch could not handle how big Pokemon Scarlet & Violet was. But it had nothing to do with Switch hardware, as it can run big games such as Zelda BOTW, Xenoblade Chronicles and Final Fantasy Crisis Core Reunion fine without issues. 

Instead of wishful thinking for a 'Switch Pro' or 'Switch 2' the new Nintendo console should be a completely new experience. Maybe they should support 4K hardware as Nintendo have always been famously behind when it comes to hardware. But it's time for a change. The closest thing we ever got for a Switch Pro was the Switch Oled and i'm happy with it. I personally do not think a Switch Pro will ever happen, nor does one need to happen. Despite a lot of complaints, I think the Switch is fine as it is. Despite it's flaws, it shines both as a home console and portable one. I am especially very fond of my Switch Lite as well.

It's been 6 years since the Switch was released and most Nintendo consoles have roughly a 5 - 6 year life span , sometimes even a bit longer depending on its success. Yes we are certainly seeing less games and not very many major releases lately. The last official Mario adventure game came out in 2017. There hasn't been another since. We need something new and exciting. As I said before in a previous article, I think the Switch itself is already on the way out. In the next year or so it might be time for the net Nintendo console and it certainly shouldn't be another Switch but a brand new experience. Yes, we do have new games like Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom and Pikmin 4 coming out this year. But what next? 

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