Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Tiger Claw Radio #437 - Suikoden Coming to Steam


  1. Rest in peace Systems Overload, remember him from the early episodes. It shows you gotta cherrish everyday (cheesy I know, but the older I get the more I believe it). I'll give Shadowgate a push again, tryed it way back, one of those adventure games where you just need to try and try again for sure. PC games (regardles what PC) were usually pretty brutal in difficulty, got only little expierence with Apple 2 games (I once figured out how out how to emulate a game, but it was a bit too complex for me). Im sure they will ruin the Last of Us like all woke adaptions, all tough Last of Us (especsially LoU2) is very woke already so who knows? I never played the game and don't care for either game or series. Wake me up when Sega greenlights a non-Sonic movie, that might be interesting. The AI Roguelite game is literly different AI systems smoking too much Peyote and trying to create a setting based on your input. Its fun for the sheer insane randomness, If you are into that, and it has AI generated art in comparison to similar software like AI Dungeon or Novel AI. I got obsessed with it since I wanted to make something similar just not using AI but lots of random tables. I think it will be funny doing a edited letsplay of it, but it feels to random at the moment to be fleshed out game yet. It is a quite revolutionary concept in game design, and Im sure it will be part of future projects. I played through Wizardry 6 and I am playing Wizardry 7/gold (altough I took a brake from it for now) with the team of 6. The games are all about multiclassing, and surviveing the R&G of the random encounters and trapped chests. There are great guides out there for all the games if you every want to beat Wizardry 5, 8 or any of the other ones. However there are games that are great in small doses that one does not need to beat to enjoy. Ive got games like that. Majesty I can beat most of the levels, but the hardest ones are just inhuman, its still fun to try and fail sometimes. Deathadder did a great job being the Vince McMahon fo the Mondoroundverse Wrestling Federation. I love how my gimmick changes from one superhero to the next, very appropriate, lol! Anyway If you read till here then you are a bro and thanks for making still these. Gaming Beast out!

  2. https://voca.ro/18zlN852sFUW

    Audio Comment Notes

    -Sorry to hear about Systems Overload passing. Enjoyed listening to him on those first few episodes of the podcasts. That story about him playing Resident Evil 4 for a few minutes and his response is "This game Sux" made me laugh. Wish the best for his family.

    -Suikoden HD looks good. It will hopefully introduce the games to a new generation of gamers. Already have a copy of the game through other means with the PS1 originals and liked what I played. Always been meaning to get back to them.

    -Remember you talking about Kevin Smith movies years ago with Shintai so it made me bring up Clerks 3. It was released back in October and I had a good time watching it. Doesn’t hold a candle to 1 or 2 but still enjoyable. Nice way to close off the series.

    -Any other PS1 RPGs you would want to get the same remaster treatment as what Suikoden is getting? I’m already happy with all the ones that have been released so far such as PS1 Final Fantasies, Grandia, and Crono Cross. One I would like to get this kind of treatment would be the PS1 Lunar games, specifically 2 that is stuck stuck on the Sega CD and PS1. Shout out to G & DB for talking about those games all the time. Another one would be Xenogears.


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