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Ghost Ranger - Top 5 Evil Power Rangers


Evil Rangers are some of the most popular villains, and for good reason, they are a genuine match for the Rangers. Sometimes Rangers are brainwashed into fighting for evil, other times they are tricked, and on rare occasions they choose to be evil. So, for whatever reason they were fighting for evil, click "read more" allow me to count down my top 5 favorite cases of evil rangers. Please note, Rangers only, no extra heroes or "allies" and they had to have been evil for more than 1 episode.

5. A Squad (SPD)

A lot of people instantly hated this team for the sole reason that they re-used the Power Rangers In Space helmets, besides painting the black one green. That was due to budget and poor prediction. Regardless, these are all American made Rangers and the only ones to voluntarily join the villains without any form of trickery or brainwashing. These were the first choice Rangers to defend the Earth which makes their relationship with the main SPD Rangers an interesting story and the idea of a rival team of Rangers is one that really needs explored. Sadly, this team was only around for the beginning and ending of the season and only served to make the main Rangers (B Squad) look good, so I cannot put them any higher.

4. Thunder Rangers (Ninja Storm)

Here is a case of both trickery and brainwashing. Hunter and Blake, the Crimson and Navy Rangers, appeared fairly early in the season and constantly proved to be too much for the 3 Wind Rangers. At first, they fought for revenge after being tricked by the main villain Lothor, but after learning the truth, they were captured and brainwashed into continuing to fight the good Rangers. Eventually, they broke free and joined the main team. I liked this mini-arc because it gave a lot of time to develop these two Rangers and it brought some great fights. It is always more interesting when the Rangers are against a real challenge. 

3. Titanium Ranger (Light Speed Rescue)

The first American made Ranger and my personal favorite. While it is downplayed a little in the show, this is one of the more dark/tragic Rangers stories. This why was not just tricked, he was kidnapped as a kid and raised to hate the Rangers. This is escilated by the fact that he is the Pink Ranger's older brother whom she thought died. His Powers are actually too strong for a regular human to handle. It is never explained why Ryan is able to use the Titanium Morpher, but one can imagine that growing up in a Demon realm allowed for some more endurance to develop. His whole character arc is one of the most memorable.

2. Evil Tommy (MMPR/Comics)

Whether he is Lord Drakkon in the comics or the Evil Green Ranger in the show, no evil Power Ranger is more iconic than Tommy. Tommy, while possessed, single handedly brought the Power Rangers to the brink of defeat with his superiors powers, martial arts, and relentless aggression. Overcoming this evil Ranger was one of the most challenging in Power Rangers history and it gave birth to the most popular Ranger of all time. There is a good reason that an alternative version of Tommy was chosen to become Lord Drakkon. Anyone who knows classic Power Rangers knows who Tommy is and more than likely remembers the evil Green Ranger that could face all 5 of the others.

1. Psycho Rangers (In Space)

This team of monsters with their own crazy looking Ranger suits and powers were some of the few enemies that the Rangers simply could not defeat in a standard battle. The 5 Psycho Rangers were forced out of battle many times (for plot reasons) and more than likely could have destroyed the Space Rangers if given the proper chance. Their popularity was so great that the Boom Studio created a 6th Green one that got made into collectable action figures. Truly, these were some of the best villains in Power Rangers history, they were strong, ruthless, scary, and had really cool designs.

Those were my picks for the top 5 Evil Power Rangers. There were a few others that could have made decent picks like Troy or Leanbow. Think someone else should have made the list? Let me know in the comments here. Or, if you'd like, join our Discord and we can talk about it further. Until next time, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger, signing off.

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