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Ghost Ranger - Five "Good" Things About Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (1993)


The 1993 film TMNT 3 is not good, not even close. It was a massive downgrade from the 2 previous films in terms of action, effects, acting, story telling, and especially humor. However, ripping on it is too easy as plenty of people have done so already. So, just for a bigger challenge, I am going to list 5 things I actually liked in this film. Or, at least thought were a good idea because nothing was executed very well. Perhaps a more accurate title for this is Top 5 Least Bad things. Click "read more" and let's begin.

5. Turtles Using Their Weapons Again

Okay yes, the there are only 3 Turtle fight scenes and none of them are particularly good; but at least they were allowed to use their weapons again unlike the 2nd movie. Weapons were used very little in the second movie in order to tone down the violent tone. (Except for Donatello.) Unfortunately, this was not enough to make the very few fight scenes interesting due to the goofy editing and weak opponents. Still, it was at least one small thing that we wanted back from the first movie.

4. The Subway Home Finished

This trilogy is a rare occurrence where the Turtles move out of the sewer complex. During the events of the second movie, the Turtles discover an abandoned subway that is caved. It still had electricity, was hidden, and spacious which made it perfect for Splinter and the Turtles. I actually thought this was really cool and a nice change of pace. In the second movie it was a work in progress, but now it has been cleaned, decorated, and fully moved in. Just too bad it will never be seen again.

3. Casey Jones' Return

Casey was absent in the second film due to parents complaining that he was too violent and a bad influence on kids. Sadly, that complaint seems to still be taken into consideration because he does not do any fighting in this film. Elias Koteas reprises his role and even takes on a secondary role from someone in the past. Casey is in charge of watching the 5 Samurai to travel to the future and actually get some funny moments. While not the ideal way we wanted to see him again, it was still nice to see the character again. We never learned what happened with him and April though. 

2. Yoshi's bond with Raphael

While this subplot was really rushed and it had a big missed opportunity with how it began, it was actually a sweet story for Raphael. Yoshi is introduced as a child trapped in a burning building, he rescued and given CPR by Leonardo. Afterwards, Yoshi seems to have an obsession with becoming a fighter while Raphael tries to encourage him to play like a regular kid. This arc was very rushed and it would have started stronger is Raphael was the one to give CPR, but it was a character moment for Raph who usually is a tough guy loner. Not the best execution, but a charming idea.

1. The Turtles Wanting to Stay in the Past

Again, this idea was not flushed out to well and it could have been more heartbreaking if it was developed properly, but the idea is there and sound. Of the 4, Donatello wants to go home, Leonardo is indifferent, but Michelangelo and Raphael want to stay in ancient Japan. In the past, they are free to walk around in the open, nature is still clean, and the two of them have formed bonds. Both initially refuse to return home, but if they stay then the people sent to the future in their place could not return. I like this idea because it could have gone over the topic of how unhappy some of them are living underground in hiding. Maybe that story idea will be tackled again.

With that I leave by simply saying, while I don't think this is a good movie by any means, I don't hate it. It falls flat on a lot of things and is nothing compared to the last 2 films, but I can at least watch it casually without any cringing. If you want to talk more about that, leave a comment here or join our Discord server. Till next time, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger, signing off.

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