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Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s (Playstation Vita) Review.

Sex sells and the title of this game is worth a billion dollars.  But will it be as perverted as the title makes the game out to be?  Will it be a nice wholesome game with a very decent story?  Find out in my review of Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s.  (Click on "Read More" to read the full review.)


In this story you take the role of Kenji.  He is just your ordinary university student and repair man who is trying to look for love in the fast and loose 1990's.  While Kenji hasn't found his love, he does have a special ability that tells him if the girl he is interested in is good or not.  For you see, he has the power to learn about women through studying their underwear.  It's a creepy ability to have, but rest assured, Kenji doesn't plan on doing anything inappropriate with them.   Okay, nothing inappropriate except for one little thing.  He must go to a woman's place and steal as many pairs as he can.


The goal of this game is get as many panties from the women as you possibly could.  Thankfully, there's only a handful on each stage.  The way you'll have to obtain them is by completing a series of events.  This game feels like a mixture of a choose your own adventure book and a very lite point and click adventure game.  For example you may have to find a way to get the woman you are talking to leave the room, so you can raid the place, or you can use your words wisely, so she'll give them to you herself.

There is surprisingly a lot to do and say on each stage and they lead to one of the many endings found on each level.  Some paths will lead you to panties, many will lead to bad endings, but one (and only one) path will lead to the one true good ending.  Finding enough panties and seeing the good endings will unlock stages.  There aren't many stages, there's three levels based on you prowling the houses of the lovely ladies, an intro and an epilogue, and a stage where you get to go out on a holiday with all four of the women.

The characters are very decent.  They have interesting personalities and all feel incredibly different from one another.  You've got Haruka, who is the flirty type.  Anko, who is the sporty girl next door type. Yukari, who is Anko's sister and she has a medical problem.  Lastly you have Anna, she is a mysterious rich blonde woman.  Sure, they are all anime/manga/visual novel clichés, but I really did enjoy the interaction between them and what they had to say.  If you complete certain tasks then you'll unlock some bonus mini-episodes detailing on the women's back stories.

It can take quite a few runs in order to find the panties and to get the true endings.  It doesn't take long to get the right idea of what you have to do because there are many clues and hints in this game.  These hints and clues will lead you on the right path in to finding the endings and panties, so pay attention.  There's also no way to save during your run/gameplay, so you can't take any breaks.  If you happen to get a bad ending, you'll be sent right back to the start of the stage where you'll have to go though everything again.  This can be quite tedious towards the end of the game.

You can interact with a lot of things in the game, which is recommended in order to find information and solve puzzles.  If you get confused as to what can and can't be interacted with, you can press square and it'll show everything you can interact with.  It's a pretty good option except there are some spots in the game where it doesn't work.  You can still interact with things when it isn't working, but you wouldn't know it right away.  These parts did confuse me and I did reset the game thinking I was stuck.  I did figure it out eventually, but this problem/bug shouldn't have even happened.

This game does take place in the 1990's but you wouldn't know it because it doesn't capture that 1990's atmosphere.  Sure, you will see a VHS player, but it felt more like I was in a hipsters home rather than being in the 1990's.

Good luck trying to read the text.  The text is super small and some of it even blends in with the background.  This is due to the game not working well on the Vita's tiny screen.  This game should've been re-worked a little to suit the Vita instead of just lazily dumping the console port.  However, if you're one of the good humans that own the Playstation TV, then you've got a new game to play on it.  You do still have the problem of some of the text blending into the background, but it's a very readable game on the PSTV.  Framerate is also much better when playing this on a PSTV.  Framerate on the Vita can drop, making the game play very rough.


The character sprites are very pretty and well done.  Most of the backgrounds and locations are very generic and boring looking, except for chapter four.  For some reason there's a lot more effort put into the artwork in that episode.  Heck! There's even some animation in chapter four as well.  It's basic, but it is very pretty.


The music in this game is okay.  Nothing terrible, but it won't be anything that you'll remember after turning off the game.  The voice acting on the other hand is fairly decent.  The voices match the characters personalities and attitudes well.  The acting isn't perfect though, there are some awkward lines here and there.  Also, there are some parts where the characters are saying things completely different than what their text is saying.  It's not a big problem, but it'll throw you off a little when you see it.

Overall, it's an alright game that'll give you a few days of enjoyment.  I only recommend playing this port if you have a Playstation TV.  If you don't have one then I recommend trying it out on another system.  This game gets a 6.4 for Playstation TV owners and it gets a 4.4 for Vita users.

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