Tuesday, October 8, 2019

News: Destiny 2's New Light Update Shows Us How Far We've Come

Have you returned to Destiny 2 after the new update? Check out the New Light comparison here!

On October 1st, Destiny 2 took the free-to-play approach after several years of being underneath the mighty boot of Activision. While I personally haven't completed Shadowkeep yet, this update has changed the way new players are introduced into the alien murder dance simulator that is Destiny.
Reusing the previous introduction from Destiny 1, it removes all the baggage that the previous opening held to newer players and also shows how far technical enhancements have come since the first game shipped in September of 2014.

Below I will include a comparison video. Tell me your thoughts in the comments if you're enjoying Shadowkeep or if this f2p update has got you curious on if you should take the plunge into Destiny 2 (I'd recommend it, give it a shot!).

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