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Kamen Rider BLACK! Episode 19 - The Suffocating Trap of Hell. Summary/Review

With Pink Guy Birugenia still out to get Kamen Rider, I wonder what his next deliciously evil plan could be.  Find out here and also my thoughts on the episode in this exciting nineteenth edition of the Kamen Rider Black summary and review series.  (Click on "Read More" to read the full article.)

Always look on the bright side of life!


This episode sure goes into dark places right away.  The Golgum are crucifying one of their own, Kuromatsu.  He is being charged for crimes against Golgumanity because he couldn't stop the Kamen Rider.  Right as Kuromatsu is about to be laser beamed to death, Birugenia rescues him.  Sadly, I use the term "rescues him" very loosely because Birugenia only did it because he needs to borrow Kuromatsu's identity.  Why?  It's because he has another deliciously evil plan.  A plan that he only hints at, but it's so blatantly obvious what he plans to do.  Yup, it's already a pointless and dumb plot, even if he doesn't say what it is just yet.

On their way back from the local ice rink, Kotaro and friends stumble across a stumbling Kuromatsu whom is trying to escape from Bat Mutant.  (Na-na na-na na-na na-na BAT MUTAINT.)  Kotaro agrees to help Kuromatsu for some reason and they flee off in a taxi.  When they have escaped Bat Mutant, the taxi driver turns into Demon Monkey Mutant and attacks Kotaro.  IT'S HENSHIN TIME, BABY! Kotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Black.  Bat Monkey Mutant is too fast for Kamen Rider, so he uses his antenna to track him down.  Once he does, he gives Demon Monkey Mutant a good ol' punch and scares him off.

Kuromatsu is resting at a hospital and Kotaro is also there to keep watch.  Kotaro gets hit with sleeping gas and Kuromatsu walks out and reveals himself to be Birugenia.  (We all saw that deliciously evil plan coming from a deliciously evil mile away.)  While Kotaro is down, Birugenia whips out his sword and is ready to slice him up while Kotaro is in sleepy town USA.  A nurse just happens to walk in, so Birugenia turns back into imposter Kurumatsu, thus delaying his plan to slay Kotaro.

To avoid this from happening again, Birugenia finds a doctor and steals his identity, so he doesn't have to worry about nurses stopping him from causing some ultra violent malpractice.  Dr. Birugenia tries to kill Kotaro again, but Kotaro wakes up, so Birugenia has to pretend to be the doctor again so Kotaro doesn't get suspicious.  Yeah, I'm also questioning Birugenia's reputation of being a feared bad guy.

Kotaro returns to Kuromatsu's hospital bed to find that he isn't there.  Birugenia turns back into Kuromatsu and walks into the room and asks Kotaro to aid him on a quest to recover some items.  Kotaro agrees and they drive off to Kuromatsu's house.  While (you know who is pretending to be) Kuromatsu is inside the house, Kotaro spots Bat Mutant lurking around the house.  Kotaro and pretend Kuromatsu escape via secret underground tunnel.

Kotaro is told that Nobuhiko is still alive and inside the bag that they recovered is the map to Golgum's secret hide out.  Kotaro opens the bag and is attacked by Demon Monkey Mutant who was hiding inside.  (I couldn't have made this up, even if I had tried.)  Birugenia finally reveals that he was disguised as Kuromatso to Kotaro.  Demon Monkey Mutant grabs Kotaro and jumps though the fucking roof and now the fight takes place on the surface.  Kotaro eventually gets some space to breath and uses that time to morph into Kamen Rider Black.

Kamen Rider knocks Demon Monkey Mutant though a window and now the fight takes place in a warehouse.  Kamen Rider pulls a Super Mario 64 and grabs Demon Monkey Mutant by the tail, spins him around a few times and throws him.  Kamen Rider uses his signature moves and puts Demon Monkey Mutant to rest.  But wait! It's not over!  Birugenia comes in and puts Kamen Rider in a sleeper hold.  Kamen Rider escapes by calling in Battle Hopper to rescue him.  It worked, so Kamen Rider tries to get the fuck out of the warehouse as quickly as he can.

Birugenia quickly catches up to him and attacks him with his sword.  Kamen Rider catches the sword with his hands and calls Battle Hopper to charge at him.  While Battle Hopper is being held back by Birugenia's shield, Kamen Rider calls in Road Sector to attack Birugenia from behind.  This worked and Birugenia isn't too happy about it, so he flees the battle.  Kotaro returns home to read that the real Kuromatsu is dead, but he is happy because he knows that Nobuhiko is still alive.

Where to, toots?


The writing for this episode is nearly a new low for the series.  (Yes, making the second episode a clip show is still worse.)  It was dumb, it was predictable, but it was soo bad that it ended up being pretty entertaining.  What would be nice to see though in the future is a plot that isn't ripped right out of an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

The action is very fun and it was nice to see that they have changed it up a little bit for this episode.  Instead of just getting punching and kicking, we also got to see some vehicle action.  It gets you excited and makes you wonder what does Kamen Rider need to do to put a full on stop to Birugenia.  He can't use his regular shtick to defeat this bad guy and this has peaked my interest.

Overall, if you just want to watch a really dumb, but fun episode then you'll get a kick out of this one.  If you like logic though?  Prepare to pick up the pieces of your brain that have just splattered across the room.  I give this episode a 6.8 out of 10.

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