Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Fenris Talks About: Three Hidden Gems on the Original Xbox You May Not Know About

Want more games to add to your ever increasing back catalog of games? Read about three games you may have missed during the OG Xbox's initial run!

In a way, I feel like we've finally hit a sort of a renaissance when it comes to the original Xbox, especially with some classic titles becoming backwards compatible on the Xbox One (WHERE'S JET SET RADIO FUTURE MICROSOFT). But, what are some games that get less love than the others? Here's three games that deserve a little more love in my opinion.

1. Breakdown

While this game is backwards compatible on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 respectively (with the latter being prone to corrupting save files for some reason), Breakdown seems like a game that not may people know or have seen before in my experience. I randomly picked it up in a local video store in my youth and was so compelled by it that I had to buy my own copy.

Plot Synopsis: "You are Derrick Cole, a former combat solider who finds himself awakened in the bedroom of the Main Research Center. You (Derrick) have lost your memories of your past and must work with a mysterious, seemingly familiar woman by the name Alex Hendrickson to survive and uncover the deadly mystery. When you (Derrick) proceed further, you will gain new powers that will allow you to take out the T'lans and other enemies. Will you (Derrick) be able to reclaim your lost memories, powers, stop the T'lans and save the world?" - IMDB, edited for clarity.

2. Pariah

Look... This game on the list isn't the best one, I'll be transparent. The plot is extremely convoluted and barely makes sense in certain areas. But honestly, the most memorable thing for me was the ability to make multiplayer maps, similarly to Far Cry: Instincts and the Timesplitters games of the period. Pick it up if you want a mindless shooter with decent gunplay but don't care about real plot.

Plot Synopsis: "FROM THE CREATORS OF "UNREAL" comes a spiraling plunge into destruction, despair and disease. Jack Mason is a burnt-out doctor and an outcast rejected by society. With no will to live, until he nearly dies in a transport crash, Jack and his infected patient are stranded deep within the most vicious prison sectors of a wasteland called "Earth."" - Metacritic

3. Mark Eckō's Getting it Up: Contents Under Pressure

The graffiti game with the name that's a fuckin' mouthful. While this game has other platform releases and can be played on Steam now, it never seemed like it never got really popular and is a sleeper hit among fans. Rumors have swirled for years that Eckō wants to do a sequel to this game... Shit, I'd pre-order in a heartbeat.

Plot Synopsis: "Play as Trane, a "toy" graffiti artist with the street smarts, athletic prowess and vision to become an "All City King" - the most reputable of all graffiti artists. Along your quest, uncover the mayor's deep, dark secret and use your fighting talents and high-wire graffiti to expose the city's leader as a corrupt tyrant. As you struggle to save a neighborhood from an oppressive government, one question stands out: What if graffiti could change the world? Risk your life battling city authorities and rival graf gangs - mere obstacles in your attempt to get your tag up. And in this city, not just any tag will do. You have to "Get IN, Get UP and Get OUT"." - Steam Store page

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