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Pokemon TCG - Unified Minds. OWC: The Lost Episode.

Unified Minds has been out for a little while now.  So, this post is late to the party.  There's a very good reason behind that.  What is that reason? Most importantly is what juicy pulls did I get from this set?  Find out in this special lost episode of Obsessions With Cardboard.  (Click on "Read More" to read the full article.)

So, what was that golden reason for the delay of this article?  Well, I know you don't care, but I'm going to tell you anyway.  Shortly after I took these photos, an update for my phone was available.  Silly old me decided to update my phone before transferring the pictures to the computer.  The update corrupted all of my photos.  (Yikes!)

This situation had me in tears because now I wasn't able to brag about my pulls.  While busy soothing my depression by getting fat off of Hawaiian pizza (pineapple does belong on pizza) and causing self bodily harm by listening to top twenty pop music, a miracle happened.  Another update installed and it recovered most of the photos for what was supposed to be the fifth edition of OWC.  Don't worry! It recovered all of the important pictures.  Now let's get this party started.

What I have to show off today (other than the repeated use of this photo) is a elite trainer box and four blister packs from the Unified Minds expansion.  I pre-ordered these babies from Collectable Madness.  First, let's see what we got from the blister packs.

What I like about the blisters is that they came with promo cards.  There are variants of the blisters that come with either one or three booster packs.  These are the single pack boosters (obviously) and there are two promo cards that you can get from them.  One being a Pikachu which is a good choice to have as a promo.  The other promo is quite random as it is a Sudowoodo.  I'm not complaining, Sudowoodo is awesome.  It's a shame that both packs came with the same Empoleon coin and now I'm stuck with four of the bloody things.

With four coins and four promos come four packs.  Let's see what's inside.  Just a reminder, only focusing on the rare and holo cards.  The rest would be far too boring to show.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We've got a picture shot in a different ratio!  DOUBLE OOOOOOOOOOOO! Pulled a reverse foil of a Reset Stamp.  This is a pretty good card due to its effect.  The other card is a Excadrill.

HUBADA! HUBADA! HUBADA! A full art of a Mega Sableye and Tyranitar tag team card.  This was one of the cards I was after the most not only due to how cool it is, also because I am building a competition legal deck.  Also pulled a rare reverse holo Magnezone.  This is another really good card to have and it is amazing that I got both of these from one pack.

Nothing bad here, but nothing all that great either.  A reverse holo Tag Switch which has a useful effect and a Leavanny.  The Leavanny does have a decent ability though.

The last of the blister boosters brings some cards that have some more decent abilities. A holo Garchomp on the left and a reverse holo Munchlax on the right.

Time to see what's inside the elite trainer box.  This one was a bit upsetting to open as the box itself looks awesome.  Would've been a great item to have on the shelf if I had kept it sealed.

Taking off the slip-cover reveals the design of the card box.  It's not as cool looking as the slipcover, but it's still awesome.  This also came with a book that's full of information and a detailed card checklist featuring pictures of all the cards.  I wish that it didn't show off the art for the secret rare cards though.  It would've made them more mysterious and secret if they had kept them, well...  Secret.

The box.  The box.  What's in the box?  What's in the box.  (In the box.)  What's in the box today? (What's in the box?)*

Pretty cool accessories are included.  There's the awesome card sleeves which has the cool purple pinwheel background.  There are some card dividers that have the same design as the card sleeves.  I don't think I'll be using them much though, but they are cool to have.  There's some very awesome dice that are used for damage counters.  You can use them as regular dice and they'll come in handy for when Monopoly Brett "The Hitman" Hart edition comes out.

This set comes with fifty energy cards which is super useful for when building your deck.  Lastly, there are some acrylic markers which are used for status effects and for your GX attack.  This is all the stuff that you wished had come with starter decks instead of those cheap, flimsy cardboard counters.

While there's no special deck or promo card that comes with this set.  Eight full packs are included.  Now let's see what good fate has in store for me today.

Ugh! Another Excadrill!  The reverse holo Scraggy is alright and has a very awesome attack called Swagger.  This'll come in handy for my deck.

A Talonflame with some badass artwork.  I'm not a fan of the art that's on the reverse holo Zygarde though.  Something about it just looks off.

Okay! Not all of the good photos were recovered.  This one is blurry.  I like that artwork on Camerupt, but the cost and effect of Strong Flare is a bit too rich for my blood.  That reverse holo Thudurus looks freaky.  Those are the eyes of someone who has gotten intro a fight with a police officer over a parking ticket.

Pulled another Magnezone and this time it's a regular holo.  The reverse holo is of a Dratini and it's a very cute and well drawn card.

I like the art on these two cards.  The holo Aegislah looks like a God approaching the battlefield.  The reverse holo Riolu is super cute.

Some Pokémon I'm not all that familiar with.  Got a kinky looking bird named Unfezant and a reverse holo Silvally.

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ANOTHER EXCADRILL!  At least I got a very useful trainer card, reverse holo U-Turn Board.

Last pack gave me a Lucario that looks like he is in a Dragon Ball Z-esk battle.  Hang on a sec?  Is that the same Garchomp that I pulled earlier, fighting in the background?  The reverse holo is very awesome. It's a Pikachu that looks like she is having a party on an alien planet.

That's it for this special lost edition of OWC.  Overall I pulled some very sweet cards.  Next time on OWC I'll be taking a look at not one, but two Hidden Fates elite trainer boxes.  Well, that's if the store I purchased them from hasn't scammed me with my pre-order.  We'll just have to wait and see.

*Note: Five points to whoever got that reference.

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