Monday, September 9, 2019

Kamen Rider BLACK! Episode 17 - Kyoko's Mysterious Dream. Summary/Review

Do you like to have dreams stolen from you by weird pig men? Well, that's what I had to deal with in this weeks summary and review of Kamen Rider Black.  (Click on "Read More" to read the full article.)


Oh, no! Nobuhiko's incubation into Shadow Moon is failing.  The Golgum need to inject some new life into him (literally) to resume their project.  Thankfully, the Golgum know where to get it.  They need Nobuhiko's sister, Kyoko.  Sadly, they do not know where she is, so they use their monster of the week, Tapir Mutant to suck the dreams out of all the girls in town until they have found her.

Kotaro just happens to be stumbling around town and takes a girl who is in great pain to a hospital where he finds it is full of women in great pain.  They are all suffering major headaches from having their dreams stolen from them.  Kotaro suspects it's the Golgum that are behind this. (As he always does.)  The women never appear or get mentioned in this episode ever again.  Kotaro morphs into Kamen Rider Black and fights Tapir Mutant and one of the Golgum right as they have Kyoko's dream.  This fight leads nowhere as the baddies get away with Kyoko's precious dream about hanging out at a park with her brother.

Golgum use Tapir Mutant to mind control Kyoko to get her to go to a certain location.  Kotaro tries to stop her but is unsuccessful to the max.  Kyoko gets to the location and Tapir Mutant takes her to his underground hangout and rips the soul right out of her body.  (Sounds like a good start to a bad porno flick.)  Sadly, the Golgum can't take her soul by force (yet, they can rip it our of her body) as she must give it up to the Golgum by choice.  After going though a trail full of naughty vines, Kyoko gives her soul to the Golgum to save Nobuhiko.

Kotaro finds her barely living body in a cave. Tapir Mutant sneaks up from behind and kicks the crap out of Kotaro.  IT'S HENSHIN TIME, BABY! Kotaro transforms into Kamen Rider Black and starts to fight back.  Sadly, Tapir Mutant can now teleport, but thanks to Kamen Rider's skills at Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, he strikes him at the right time and stuns him.  After his signature rider punch and rider kick, Kamen Rider saves Kyoko and that's it for this episode.


What starts off as something that could've been interesting, quickly turns into a boring snoozefest.  There's a lot of filler content that's designed to take a ten minute episode and stretch it out to fit the twenty-five minute standard run time.  From the repeated usage of Kyoko's flashbacks to seeing Kotaro running around for what feels like forever.

What I disliked the most was that there were a bunch of moments that could've lead somewhere, but they didn't.  Instead, more flashbacks, more Kotaro running around, more boredom.  The writers really shot themselves in the foot with this one.  The only amusing bit was seeing Tapir Mutant pretending to be the ghost of Nobuhiko in a so bad, it's funny moment.

What was the most boring of all was the action.  Barely anything happened and apart from one really cool punch, the rest of the action was very stock.  Meaning, they only used basic punches and kicks and even then, it looked very half-assed like they were bored filming this episode.

The monster of the week just looked and acted very silly with it's pig like appearance and dream stealing abilities.  Hang on a minute! Dream stealing pig like creature? Where have I seen that before? Wait! I know! The Pokémon Drowzee.  Granted this came out way before Pokémon, so maybe this is where the Pokémon crew got the idea for Drowzee.

Overall, it's not just a terrible episode, it's a really boring one to boot.  Unless you suffer from insomnia then I recommend skipping this one.  I give this episode a 2 out of 10.

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