Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Yeah, This is Modded: KontrolFreek Omni Performance Thumbsticks for Xbox One Controllers

Do you think those thumbstick grips you see at GameStop worth your hard earned moolah and really up your game? Read my review on some entry level thumbstick grips by KontrolFreek!

After using my aluminum metal thumbsticks for a while, I realized waaaay early on that my thumbs really didn't grip too well. So off to my best internet friend Amazon I went to grab some of these thumbstick... Things. They don't look like much, just some softish disks you snap into your thumbsticks.

I didn't think much of these at first glance, considering I thought shit like this was a total gimmick and not worth the $15 USD. Well... Color my ass surprised. I've grown quite attracted to these little things and allow me to explain why.

Quoting the Amazon listing from KontrolFreek themselves: "KontrolFreek’s Omni is a versatile, low-rise Performance Thumbstick with a dynamic design that adapts to pressure, so the more you play, the more it keeps you comfortable and in control. With over 120% more surface area compared to original XBox One thumbsticks and traditional silicon thumb grips, Omni fully supports your thumbs for added comfort, particularly during marathon gaming sessions. It features a bright blue, cross-hatch design on a concave surface that dynamically adapts to your movements for exceptional grip. KontrolFreek’s proprietary composite material wicks away moisture to further reduce slip. The low-rise base is easy to use, won’t fall off and increases range of motion by 30%, for added precision and sensitivity with little to no adjustment period."

Okay, so that's alot of word salad. But what does that exactly mean? Well look, I ain't gonna fool ya. I don't think they're the kind of product that will up your game in the ways that they list in their product description. However... Holy crap, these things are comfortable as hell. Like, shit, I can't even tell I'm playing with these anymore that's how comfortable they are and thankfully, considering the low concave style of these bad boys, you can play them on most games without any issues. The sweat comment is also infact true, as I haven't experienced any slippy thumbs since using this product. It's well made, with a soft yet firm blue rubber connected to snaps that clip onto your controller. They seem to slide a little on non-metal thumbsticks but that can be easily avoided by putting like a little clay on the middle of your stick surface.

Overall, should you buy these? As what I would call an entry level product, I would say for the price, make sure you want to try these and then go for it. You probably won't regret it.


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