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Chojin Sentai Jetman Episode 2: The Third Warrior - Summary/Review

Back again with more Jetman. The first episode came and went with only 3 Jetmen introduced. So, we continue on to the second episode in order to possibly get the full introduction to this season. Click "read more" for my full coverage.


The episodes begins, with the theme song! After that, we are shown a not so friendly looking gambling hall where, as the theme song already spoiled, our soon to be Black Condor, Gai Yuki, is gambling. Gai is winning big, but chooses not to keep his winnings.

This stunt was done as a way of Gai to flirt with the girl he is playing against. After taking her outside, he is confronted by a bouncer for cheating. Cards in the sleeve, how lame. Gai punches the bouncer and sends him flying. Freaked out by his strength, Gai runs off. 

Elsewhere, Ryu, Kaori, and Raita are flying in a jet and driving around looking for the remaining 2 Jetmen. This transitions us to the high school where our soon to be blue ranger, Ako Hayasaka, is a student at. Again, the opening theme already spoiled this. 

Ako is known for skipping gym class, but now demonstrates exceptional athletic abilities as she is able to do exceptional pole vaulting. More demonstrations of the Birdonic waves power. She even agrees to join the track team for 2000 yen. (About $22.) Eventually, the two Jetmen to be are detected on scanners.

Meanwhile, the Vyram are hatching a new plan. They create another dimensional bug that fuses with Commander Aya's jet turning it into a Dimensional Beast. (This is how the monster of the week is created in this season.) Aya ,manages to eject herself from the jet, but the situation is not good.


Ako is recruited after winning her track meet. Are they allowed to add new participants the same day as the meet? Kaori and Raita drive up in the middle of the field and invite her to talk. She is skeptical at first but agrees to join if she gets paid for it while complaining about the labor. Amazingly, Kaori, being so rich is doesn't matter to her, writes Ako a check for 10 million yen and gives her a changer. And the award for least heroic blue ranger goes too... 

At the same time, Ryu and Aya find Gai and attempt to persuade him into joining. However, Gai is uncooperative stating that maybe humans deserve to die off. 

Dang! Imagine if a children's show in America tried to have a character say that.

Ryu and Gai get into an argument due to their clashing personalities, (Ryu being righteous and Gai being a cynic loner), that eventually turns violent. The two get into a brawl in an underground parking lot that results in a win for Ryu with some overly done choreography. 

Got to love a Red Ranger that literally beats the other rangers into joining.

Raita, Ako, and Kaori are attacked by a new Dimensional Beast and call Ryu for backup. Gai chases after because he wants to finish his fight with Ryu. Ryu returns to his Jet to try and reach the others quick, but is attacked by the jet turned beast from earlier. Now, we have a double sided attack. Kaori, Ako, and Raita are running away from this new beast while Ryu is stuck in air combat. 

I will admit, the dog fighting in the air is interesting, especially since this is the pre-CG era. But, why won't the other 3 henshin? It is only 1 button.

Gai gets hit by some crossfire from the dog fight and ends up getting picked up by the Jet Monster.

Those hands are not consistent in size. Or location.

After a couple electric shocks, Gai is knocked out. But, Ryu manages to free him by blasting one of the giant arms. As Gai falls, Ryu ejects and somehow manages to toss Gai a Cross Changer in mid air so that he can fly himself to safety. Thus, the Black Condor is born.

Seconds later, Blue Swallow is also revealed. Now the team is complete. This is the final season before 6th rangers.

Just in time, the jet with arms has turned into a proper giant monster.

I want that costume.

A bunch of grunts show up marking this the first full team battle. Ryu takes flight and attacks the giant with his sword while the other 4 make quick work of the grunts. Not soon into the fight, Ryu notices a gas leak in the Jet monster and manages to blast it causing the giant to blow up. 

That is the second lamest way I have seen a giant get defeated. First being this

However, the fight is not over as the other Dimensional Beast from before returns for the fight. This one does not last long either. A combination of all 5 blasters puts this beast down; despite delay from Gai refusing to cooperate at first. So, that makes 2 monsters down.

The Vyram don't seem to upset about this loss. Instead, they make this conflict into a game; whoever defeats the Jetmen gets to be boss. That's a little childish, but fitting I guess.

After the fight, Ako decides to give back the check because she wants to stop Vyram and no longer desires payment. Redemption. Unfortunately, the team is not all united as it appears Gai still does not want to join.

It is so surreal for me to see a Ranger with a cigarette. 

The episode ends With Gai throwing back his changer & communicator and stating that he chooses to be alone so he can be free. Ryu vows not to give up on him. 

Final Thoughts

This episode was okay and served to further introduce everything. However, as one member still is not on board and, to a lesser importance, the Super Robo/Megazord still has not been shown, it is clear that this season introduction will continue into episode 3. I must say, it is interesting to see how much time they used to take with the characters in the older seasons.

As for the episode itself, had decent action minus the climax and I will say that the writing never dragged, but felt like it was trying to hurry up and get things out of the way despite ending on another cliffhanger. Ako was barley introduced before she joined and the fact that no one except Gai seemed to be able to fight without Ryu is not winning this team any flare awards. However, compared to the last episode, there were a lot fewer questionable moments and the whole narrative flowed pretty well.

Overall, I give this episode a pass. Nothing special, but did what it was supposed to do. 3/5

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