Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Fidget Spinner (Steam) - PC Game Review

Well, this is a real game title that gives little hope for quality. It was gifted to me as a joke so, I may as well give it a quick review. Click "read more" to see said review.



Game Play

Game play is nothing more than swiping your mouse across the screen and it counts the number of spins you get. The game even keeps track of your spin speed and the faster you swipe the mouse the more spins you get.

The more you spin, the more coins and experience points you get which allows you to upgrade your spin in order to achieve more spins per swipe and unlock different fidget spinners.

There is a meter on the left side that fills up with each spin within 5 swipes and has a higher goal after each successful fill. However, whether or not you achieve the goal does not seem to change anything except less experience and coins but that doesn't matter since there is unlimited attempts. 

That's it, the whole game. There is only one screen and nothing major ever changes. Only one steam achievement and that is for launching the game.


The audio in the game is fine. There is a swiping sound effect for the fidget that sounds appropriate. As for music, there are two songs. Only one track during gameplay that is stock, but acceptable. Also, on the main menu they play The Fidget Spinner Song which will catch you off guard once.


Graphics are off, even for how simple they are. The fidget spinner itself looks out of place, there is a meme photo on the right side of the gameplay at all time, and the meter that counts your spins goal does not fit properly in it's box.

Also, a big pet peeve, when playing at my monitors native resolution the game cropped the sides forcing me to change the setting and play with those black bars on the top and bottom.

The main menu and gameplay are the only two screens in the game so, you can see all the graphics right here.

Final Verdict

This game would be cute if it were a free app on a mobile phone, but for a Steam title it is not worth checking out. Unless you are a Youtuber or Twitch Streamer looking for a collection of hilariously bad games, there is nothing here expect maybe a flashy way to test your mouse swiping speed with questionable accuracy. Overall, it captured the fidget spinner spirit perfectly, pointless with little enjoyment to play, but meme worthy.

Writing - n/a
Game Play - 1/10
Audio - 3/5
Presentation - 1/5

Overall - 2/10

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