Wednesday, February 19, 2020

My Top 8 References to Power Rangers/Super Sentai in Other Media

This is a silly little topic but one fans, including myself, have a lot of fun with. Both shows have been referenced so allow me to count down 8 of them that I have encountered in other shows and games. Why 8? Because there are so many references out there that I decided to limit to only ones that I personally came across as that makes them easier to comment on. If you want to see all of them, try this link.

#8: Hexagon Brothers - Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

Six color coded brothers from the evil Cipher organization that all wear a color representing the type of Pokemon they specialize in. While it is never technically stated that these are a Power Ranger/Sentai reference, it is difficult not to see them as such. 

#7: Dexter's Lab - Multi-Formic Megabot

What a crazy way to end the second season of Dexter's Laboratory. Honestly, if you pay attention to the posters on the wall, it is established that Dexter is a fan of Power Rangers so it only makes sense that he would build his own Megazord. Most people watching the show probably won't even give this reference much thought however; this is because of the main plot where Dexter has to reveal his lab to his parents. A two parter with a lot of re-watch value in my opinion.

#6: ReBoot - Nullzilla

This episode from ReBoot kind of came out of nowhere. Just one day, stuff happens with Nulls and the main bad guy and there is a giant creature that needs defeated. Luckily,  Phong was already prepaired for this and had some suits and robots that could combine handy. They even gained a 6th member just to deliver the weapon. I would call this weird, but if the setting is the internet then no holds bars for references.

#5: Anamaniacs - Super Strong Warner Siblings

What can you say about the Anamaniacs? Or rather, what can't you say? This beloved cartoon has references loads of famous media and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was no exception. See the Warner siblings as the Rangers, Dr. Scratch & Sniff as Zordon, and their water tower becoming the Megazord. It is a short skit but is very faithful and makes fun of all the silly things or oversights in the show and all the villains get parodied too. A fun episode I'm see a lot of 90s kids have some memory of.

#4: Pucca - Sooga Super Squad

Poor Abyo got pink

Pucca is one those shows I have a strange love for. It is just overly cute and full of action, and that makes Sentai the perfect thing to parody. Our 4 main characters get recruited to become the Sooga Super Squad and are given costumes the reflect the 2nd Super Sentai JAQK and mechs that reflect the first Sentai Gorenger. The actual episode didn't make fun of Super Sentai but did more of a that looks fun, let's do it to, type of story. Definitely a stand out.

#3: God Hand - Mad Midget Five

Don't flame me, that's the official name. In all seriousness, one of my favorite video games of all time is just full of shocking moments like this one. These 5 little people show up a couple times, do their "douchebag" introductions/poses, and cartwheel away after being defeated. I can't do this encounter justice. If you don't have the game then just YouTube it, it is worth it for a laugh.

#2: Persona series - Phoenix Rangers Featherman R

This is a very obvious reference to Super Sentai. A T.V. show that exists inside the Persona universe that has made various appearances throughout multiple games as either a show in the background, costumes, or figures that a main character owns. They look very similar to the real Super Sentai Choujin Sentai Jetman and have even been compared to the "Rider" series in Persona 4 Golden. Speaking of, my favorite appearance by the Feathermen would have to be Persona 4 Golden's unlockable costumes.

#1: Dragon Ball Z - The Ginyu Force/Tokusentai

The most obvious and probably most famous reference has to be number 1. I am like many kids that grew up with Dragon Ball Z and have a lot of fond memories of this team of villains who work under Frieza. But, not everyone knows that they are inspired by Super Sentai. Five members that all have a distinct color who pose while introducing themselves. Kind of obvious looking back.

Those are top 8 picks. I know there are plenty of anime out there with nods to Super Sentai that I hope to come across one day. Until then, my list remains at 8. Please share any memories you have of references, I would love to hear about them. This is Red Diamond of Emerald Rangers, signing out.

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