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ChouSeiShin Gransazer Episode 2: Move! Dolcruz - Summary/Review

Back again for the second episode. Last episode ended with Tenma awakening as a Gransazer and becoming a fire warrior named Sazer Tarious while chasing after his captures. Now, click "read more" and let's pick up where we left off.


The episode begins in a hospital where we see Dentsuin is actually a very admired doctor when he isn't capturing people as Sazer Remls. He saves lives as a doctor by day and takes them away by night. Now, Dentsuin is reporting to his boss that he is going to try and recruit Tenma to their side. It is at this point we begin to learn about the Gransazer tribes. Dentsuin is a Wind Warrior Gransazer and belongs to the Wind Tribe. Tenma is a Flame Warrior and would be part the the Flame Tribe.  Elemental Tribes aren't an original concept, but they work well for story telling. 

The professor of the Wind Tribe tells Dentsuin that Tenma wouldn't be a good fit for their side because his Tarious is a Flame Warrior. However, Dentsuin isn't ready to give up on him. So he changes into Sazer Remls and going looking for Tenma.

Name Establishing shot no doubt

Elsewhere, Ken goes to Tenma's apartment to try and recruit him to his, Mika, and Professor Horiguchi's side (for convenience I will refer to them as the Flame Tribe now) but, Tenma wants nothing to do with the Gransazers and runs off. The downside to chosen one stories over someone wanting to join stories is that we are supposed to root for someone who had to be forced to care. Dentsuin arrives at this time with a different approach.

I know the first thing I think when someone shoots at me is, they must be good company and I should join them.

Dentsuin asks Tenma to be his tribes ally. Tenma refuses which prompts Dentsuin to threaten him into joining so, Tenma tries to run but is cornered by Ryoko. This is why you shouldn't jump gates that are guarded by military. Ryoko also attempts to convince Tenma to join, but he continues to refuse. So, she henshins inot Sazer Velsoul and says that it is either become allies or fight and die.

Another name establishing shot

Ryoko attacks Tenma while ignoring any protests from Dentsuin. This little act of aggression is a good chance to show off Sazer Velsoul's weapon.

Sel Cross

It's just a small shield that sometimes becomes 2 small shields.

Tenma is almost killed by this Sel Cross but is rescued by Mika

The name and weapon in one shot

Mika gets into a battle with the two Wind Tribe Gransazer's and holds her own pretty well. However, things go south when Mika gets immobilized by Ryoko's illusion attack and Dentsuin charges up to finish off Mika. Luckily, Tenma throws a rock at Dentsuin which messes up his aim slightly so Mika only takes part of the blast. Ken then rushes over to help his injured sister. We still don't really know which tribe is good or bad but the rivalry is firmly established.

Now, Tenma is enraged once again and henshins up to fight back against the Wind Tribe. 

A little redundant name establishing shot

Tenma goes on the attack with a flurry of angry punches. He manages to knock Dentsuin's gun out of his hands but Dentsuin effortlessly dodges all of Tenma's punches afterwards. Dentsuin then retreats from battle for no apparent reason, but Ryoko is still on the attack. Ken then tells Tenma that he can use his Knuckle Riser (his henshin device on his wrist) to summon his own weapon, and he does.

Falcon Bow

Not the coolest weapon, but probably more practical than fans.

Tenma uses the Falcon Bow to blast Ryoko's twin shields out of the sky and she retreats without explanation. A pointless retreat to end a fight scene is not good writing. Mika is bruised but alright. Her and Tenma bicker a bit as she insists on being call Sempai and convinces Tenma to speak with Professor Horikuchi. Looks like the Flame Tribe is forming.

Professor Horikuchi shows Tenma an information transmission device from the ancient civilization. The Professor then proceeds to re-tell the story of the ancient civilization that was established at the beginning of the first episode and tells Tenma that only Gransazer's can use ChouSeiShin (Ultra Star Gods the giant robot) and save humanity from the impending second attack on Earth. Also, 3 of the same element of Gransazer are needed to form a "Tribe" and activate a ChouSeiShin. Doesn't that mean Tenma would have been no help to the Wind Tribe? What were they trying to recruit him for?

Despite learning the fate of humanity could be in his hands, Tenma still refuses to join the Flame Tribe saying that saving the Earth was beyond him and leaves. Does he realize he lives on Earth? Mika chases after him to try and slap some sense in, but has no luck. 

Meanwhile, the Wind Tribe has gained their third member already. The only thing we get to know about him is his name and that he is a cheap flirt with Ryoko.

Hakariya Jin

The Wind Tribe's professor deploys the 3 members to summon their ChouSeiShin and does some weird chant on her necklace that communicates with a space ship. Something fishy is going on.

Now the fun begins. The Wind Tribe awaken their ChouSeiShin and it arises from the excavation site where the Flame Tribe have been digging for them. 


But, if the Ultra Star Gods can pull themselves out of the ground when awoken, what was the point of that expensive excavation? 

Do I got to say it anymore?

Tenma comes back to join the Flame Tribe in time to watch the Wind Tribe offer the Flame Warriors one last chance to join them, Mika refuses. Why can't they join them? Despite being clearly outmatched from lacking a giant mech of their own, the Flame Tribe rush forward to fight back against the Wind Tribe and the episode ends in mid explosion.

Final Thoughts

This episode had some plot wholes, but was an improvement over the first episode. Granted, it only served to establish setting for future episodes, but did that job pretty well and fixed my biggest problem with the first episode, the first scenes. The editing was still odd, but a lot less so with more fitting sound effects and the choreographing was better too. Faster paced and more action focused. Despite it's flaws, especially with Tenma acting like a brat, I like this episode and hope to see the series continue to improve. 4/5

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