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ChouSeiShin GranSazer Episode 4: Death! The Warrior of the Earth - Summary/Review

Back again with more clashing tribes. The Flame and Wind Tribe's had a brawl that ended in a draw. Now, looks like it is time to introduce the Earth Tribe. Click "read more" for the full coverage.


The episode begins with the Flame Tribe watching a news report covering the damage caused by the two ChousSeiShin's fight where the news anchor puts the blame on a lighting strike. It's amazing to see a show like this acknowledge collateral damage. Professor Horikuchi gets a call from Misonogi where they briefly re-state the information established in the last couple episodes and state that the Wind Tribe is still being investigated. This may be foreshadowing that the Wind Tribe's professor will finally get some development.

Elsewhere, the episode wastes no time bringing in the GranSazer that was teased at the end of the last episode.

Sazer Tawlon

Sazer Tawlon appears before Tenma as he is riding his bike and challenges him to a test of strength. Tenma is hesitant at first, but it only takes a little provoking from Tawlon before he gives into his anger and fights him.

I appreciate not wasting anytime getting to the good parts, but this felt kinda silly. But, I bet someone was really proud of this reflection shot.

The duel shows off some basic martial arts with no weapons and does not last long. In the end, Tenma loses and Tawlon leaves unimpressed. It would make scenes that brute strength would be the Earth Tribes specialty. Tenma returns to Horikuchi's office beaten and bruised after the match and the professor is discusted that GranSazers are fighting each other this much. 

Cutting away to a hospital, a man walks in that some nurses identify as Matsuzaka Naoto who is a professional fighter that they call the "ultimate man". Want to take a guess what role this guy will turn out to be? 

Taurus, the Earth Warrior Symbol

Naoto appears before Dentsuin and is looking for a fight because he believes the GranSazer power only exists to determine who is strongest. See, it is moments like this is why they shouldn't awaken powers before the threat that calls for them arrives. Dentsuin accepts the challenge and lures Naoto into a field to fight while calling for reinforcements. 

Dentsuin puts up a better fight then Tenma as he actually manages to knock Naoto down and uses his weapon. Unfortunately, Densuin's gun has no effect on Naoto and prompts him to use his own weapon, the Bull Cannon.

Designs like that make it much easier for the toys to be played with.

However, before the Bull Cannon can be fired, the rest of the Wind Tribe arrives and stops the fight. The Wind Tribes Professor convinces Naoto that they are comrades with the same mission and that the Flame Tribe needs to be wiped out.

She convinces him just by saying it. Looks like we got the big strong stupid type. Don't tell him I said that!

After a quick cut-away showing that Tenma has started training martial arts with Mika, Naoto is now at the Wind Tribe's base where he is shown Willpower Equipment. 

One Naoto places his hand on this purple rock, he is shown a vision of a message left behind by the ancient civilization. 

This vision shows the clips from the first episode of the ancient civilization being destroyed. But, with one twist, the Wind Tribe's professor says that it was a conflict between Earthlings that caused the destruction and not an alien attack. Red flag! Ultimately, Naoto is convinced that the Flame Tribe will interfere with the mission to save Earth and that he needs to wipe them out.

Wasting no time, Naoto appears at Tenma's job and reveals his identity as Sazer Tawlon to him. In addition to that, the two of them go for a walk and Naoto tells his story of awakening as a GranSazer. While on his way to train in the mountains, Naoto witnessed the battle of ChouSeiShin from the last episode and then a yellow bolt of lighting hit him that transformed him. Naoto didn't understand it, but enjoyed the idea of actually having a challenge in a fight and his new powers. Well, that was quite the big coincidence.

Now, chit-chat is over and Naoto has been fully convinced by the Wind Tribe that he needs to wipe out the Flame Tribe. Tenma does not even try to dispute the claims made against his Tribe and is just eager for a re-match, so, round 2 begins. Hot-head alert!

It's brawl time once again. Tenma comes out swinging aggressively, but Naoto is easily able to dodge and overpower him once again. However, Tenma remembers a lesson Mika taught him about reading the opponents moves and is able to counter-attack. I appreciate the effort to include actual martial arts. Things are even, when the weapons come out.

The classic hero standoff

A few more punches and kicks are connected before the fight is interrupted by Dolcruz. (The Wind Tribe's ChouSeiShin.) Dolcruz open fires at both GranSazers with the intent to wipe them out despite Naoto being on their side.

Naoto is hurt would have died but Tenma saved him. After taking another blast, Tenma and Naoto are believed to be finished so Dolcruz leaves, but they are both just buried in the rubble. Afterwards, Tenma and Naoto bond over some hot-headed talk like how they won't lose to each other, and Naoto leaves. The episode ends with Tenma explaining to the rest of the Flame Tribe what happened and they are sure Naoto will return someday. 

Final Thoughts

This episode severed the purpose of introducing the first Earth Warrior, and did a pretty good job. The fight scenes have improved and it is nice to see a variety of characters, even if they come off as boneheads. If I had to nit-pick, it seemed off to me that the Wind Tribe would be so quick to turn on Naoto after all the effort they put into trying to recruit the Flame Tribe. Also, the Wind Tribe's mission was pretty poorly explained, but I can forgive that for now since it is implied to be further explained in later episodes. Overall, this episode was just the right amount of corny action that we can hope for from Tokusatsu. 4/5

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