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Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Number 47: What I Can Do Right Now - Summary/Review

This could be it. The Lupinrangers identities are at risk and our game of cops and robbers may be coming to an end. The only thing standing in the way is Sakuya who refuses to give up on Kairi, Tooma, and Umika. What a guy. Click "read more" and let's see what happens.


The episode begins almost where the last one left off with Gauche all finished with whatever Zamigo wanted her to do. All that we know, is that Zamigo is stronger now and he has changed in a way that will surprise Lupin Red. Zamigo was already pretty tough, but he lost to Kairi's Super Lupin Red form.

Elsewhere, Sakuya has begin his investigation of Kairi, Tooma, and Umika, desperate to prove them innocent. Sakuya texts Umika asking her to lunch, which she accepts. That's the sad part, Umika is finally starting to return Sakuya's feelings. Tooma is worried and gets Kairi to follow Umika. Cut to intro!

That is some decent build up for drama to happen on two different fronts.

One theme song later, it is shown that the Patrangers are keeping the investigation secret from Noël Takao. Our extra ranger already knows the Lupinrangers' identities and cannot be trusted not to warn them.

Meanwhile, Umika and Sakuya's "not date" has begun and Kairi and Tooma are close behind.

I would criticize the disguises, but then I remember which franchise I'm watching.

The "note date" is going well at first; Umika and Sakuya are enjoying lunch with Kairi and Tooma eavesdropping. However, once Sakuya starts asking about the disappearance at Unika's high school, Tooma and Kairi figure out what is going on and text Umika to get away from there.

Good thing Sakuya didn't see that message. I wish I could read Japanese. 

The Lupinrangers quickly try to think of their next move, when a Gangler attacks. Both Rangers teams rush out, except for Umika who wants to stay behind. Through a brief farewell with Sakuya, she can tell that he is the only one that still believes in her. This was actually kind of touching.

Tooma reminds Umika that lying and deceiving are part of being a Phantom Thief. Unfortunately, before this conversation can have a climax, the three Phantom Thieves hear whistling and spot Zamigo outside. Now, the Lupinrangers change targets for Zamigo and leave the Gangler to Noël Takao and the Patrangers.

The Patrangers arrive at the scene where some Pordermen are attacking civilians and they one shot the Pordermen.

That quick scene sums up how poorly the footsoldiers have been used in this season.

Gauche has appeared with a desire to cut open Noël Takao. Now she is living up to being a mad scientist. The Patrangers henshin and charge Gauche. 

Cutting away, the Lupinrangers have confronted Zamigo. The Lupinrangers begin attacking and going all out. Kairi quickly goes into his Super Mode and uses Lupin Magnum to blast a hole in Zamigo, however, the hole disappears.

Another series of attacks from the Lupinrangers fail, when they notice Zamigo has a new safe attached to him. This is what Gauche has done; now Zamigo has a new Collection piece. Basically, Zamigo is unbeatable unless his Collection piece is stolen.

Do the Ninningers know he stole part of their changer

Back with the Patrangers fight, things are not going much better. Noël Takao attempts to steal Gauche's Collection pieces, but takes a surprise blow from her 3rd Collection piece.

That blade looks kinda soft.

Cutting again, back to the Lupinrangers, their battle intensifies. Sadly, despite a huge effort by Kairi, the Lupinrangers lose after being buried in rubble. Zamigo then leaves while gloating and the Lupinrangers are left angry and frustrated. 

Going back to the Patrangers, they unfortunately also suffer defeat at the hands of Gauche. Gauche even blasts up a building just to mock the Rangers for not being able to stop her. With everyone down and injured, Noël Takao surrenders himself to keep the Patrangers.

Gauche accepts this offer, but before departing, Noël Takao confesses who he is to the Patrangers and gives them his equipment. The Patrangers tearfully try to stop Noël Takao, but he tells them that he is returning the favor for the Patrangers never abandoning him and is taken away. However, before leaving, Gauche summons a giant Golem to keep the Patrangers busy. "A memento of Destra." said Gauche. 

The giant battle is short, but decent. There is some back and forth attacks and little CG. This Golem is stronger than past ones, but it still could not stand up to the Patrangers once they summoned Siren Patkaiser. But, even with the Golam's defeat, there are only sad expressions in the cockpit as the Patrangers tell Good Striker what happened to Noël Takao.

The episode ends with Gauche presenting Noël Takao to the Gangler's leader, Dogranio, as a trophy. These two stare each other down as the episode ends.

Final Thoughts

This episode was really good, as expected from the final 5 episodes. There was a lot of content crammed into this one episode, but it was paced very well and never felt like it was dragging. Plenty of drama, action, and great suspense for what is to come. Honestly, I can't even nit-pick this one, it was just an overall great and enjoyable episode. Bravo. 5/5

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