Thursday, November 21, 2019

VR Troopers Episode 13 Review - Dogmatic Change

We finally get a serious topic in today's episode of VR Troopers. Ryan Steele wants to convert to Hinduism. Oh, sorry, it ain't that kind of dogmatic change. Kaitlin wants to write an article about the local dog pound to encourage adoptions. Carl Ziktor, because he can, decides to mutate a dog so it can terrorize the town...and maybe curb future dog adoptions? It sounds like a pretty bad thing for Ziktor to do, so let us find out how the VR Troopers can stop it.

Overall Opinion: Filler. It's okay. Unlike some of the other episodes, this one isn't as mentally offensive, but it doesn't do anything interesting with the situation. Not needed for any lore and is safe to skip.

We begin the episode with Kaitlin, J.B., and Ryan, visiting a canine concentration camp commonly referred to as an animal shelter. Kaitlin is heartbroken at the sight of the dogs being locked in their cages with no one to love. With the goal of publishing an article about the hardship the dogs face in the newspaper she writes for, she hopes it'll attract attention to their plight and get some dogs adopted.

Fortunately, it works! Unfortunately though, the one learning about the dogs is Carl Ziktor. His evil plans are to mutate the dogs into killer monsters and attack the town with his doggo army. But first, he wants to test his mutation serum on Jeb, Ryan's dog, to see if it'll work on the rest of the mutts. To get Jeb to drink his potion, he calls Kaitlin and convinces her to bring Jeb along for a photo shoot that will be used in a commercial about dog food.

During the photo shoot, one of Ziktor's minions pours the serum into the food bowl Jeb is suppose to eat from. He consumes the serum and goes on a 'roid rage, bad mouthing Kaitlin before being transported to Ziktor's virtual realm to finish the transformation.

The taste is to kill for!

Now Cyborg-Mutant-Dog thingy, Jeb is sent back to the real world and faces off against Ryan Steele. Ryan decides to stall for time as Professor Hart attempts to snap Jeb out of the rage with mementos of Jeb's past. Ryan's butt is whopped up and down the parking lot the two are fighting in. Just as Jeb is about the make the killing blow, Jeb sees another dog that Professor Hart teleported to the area. Some encouraging words later, Ryan convinces Jeb that he isn't the enemy and they make amends. Ryan takes Jeb to Hart's lab and they de-mutate Jeb.

The mayor of Crossworlds takes advantage of the article and announces the week will be celebrated as animal adoption week. Everyone gets a puppy, including the readers reading this article. THE END

Mutant Jeb, styling and profiling

As you can probably tell from the summary, they actually did a decent job setting up the premise for the episode. Sadly, the reliance of stock footage for an episode that was practically 80% new material ended up hurting the climax. Some minor rewrites to compliment the stock footage would have helped a ton, such as establishing why the serum was an influence, not a complete mind control device. Still, the current presentation ends up making the episode not too exciting to watch. It ain't bad at all and certainly wouldn't be a waste of a time to watch.

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