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Red Prime Shard: Steven Universe Future Intro Pre-Thoughts & Promo-Thoughts

So the final series for Steven Universe titled Steven Universe Future was announced some time ago and it got a lot of us excited and curious for how this series would conclude.  We were first shown the intro for this series, and just recently, a promo came out.  I’m going to analyze the intro first, then analyze the promo to see how things may differ from my original thoughts and what was true to them.


First of all for how it begins, I like that immediately after seeing the core main cast, we then include Bismuth, Peridot, and Lapis in the beginning to truly show them as Crystal Gems now and main cast members.  Then we zoom out and see more of the cast.  We see Connie join in on the same warp pad as the rest of the Crystal Gems, and interestingly, Lars is there with one foot on the pad and he’s the only non-gem besides Connie who is in this establishing shot.  Considering we haven’t seen much of how Lars is now adjusting to being back on Earth and now having Lion powers, I’m sure this is giving us a big sign that we’ll have a big follow up on him.  Also by Lars and the other Crystal Gems is Nephrite Facet-413 Cabochon-12 (formerly Centipeetle) as well as other members of her Nephrite squadron.  To me, this shows that Nephrite is hopefully still good friends with Steven and we also follow up on that as well.  Near by Lars are his own team, the Off Colors who are odd fusion or erroneous gems who before the Diamonds reformed were in hiding from them and their followers and Lars after being resurrected from death for protecting them became their leader and helped them get to Earth.  I also hope we follow up on all of them and see how they are adjusting to life on Earth and finally being free.

On the other side, we see many formerly corrupted gems, including Biggs Jasper whom Bismuth has spoken very fondly of before.  I’m wondering if we’ll get follow up on her and some of the other uncorrupted gems as well due to this.  And finally, we have the diamonds in the background who are looking quite happy, and on Yellow Diamond’s shoulder, we also have our antagonist from the Steven Universe movie, Spinel who has one slight change in appearance which are the lack of the lines beneath her eyes which resembled black tears or running mascara.  Maybe it changed as Spinel is finally happy again.  Or due to the distance, it’s an animation error.  We’ll have to see.  After this, we see all the Crystal Gems, including Connie warp away for the rest of the intro.

The next scene has the core original mains running down a path near by Little Homeworld which is a small village built by Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot for the now uncorrupted gems who also are living on Earth.  I’ve noticed during this originally that Steven’s blue shirt from the movie is now black.  I wonder why the change was made.

The following scene which is mostly still shots of characters shows us our villains for this series and it’s the one that shows the most interesting aspects.  First of all, Jasper is back and she’s still a villain, we have a Steven Cactus monster, a giant worm or snake monster (which could be something on the Snake People that Ronaldo mentioned in season 1.  Also interesting is we see White Diamond who seems to be in some kind of insane state which makes me wonder if she’ll be a villain again or if something bad has happened to her.  Above White, we see two Lapis Lazulis and I can see while the have the hair style and outfits of our Lapis pre-Crystal Gem regeneration, but neither one is clearly our Lapis as one of these has her gem on her arm and the other on her navel, and our Lapis has her gem on her back.

The biggest final gem of note is what looks like a possible corrupted Aquamarine or maybe variant of such, but I believe it’s the original Aquamarine we saw before as I can see the tear drop gem below her left eye which is where our Aquamarine’s gem is, so maybe it’s something like how Spinel transformed her appearance.  However, I am noticing she has four legs, so it could be more.

Now we go to our next piece of footage which shows Steven driving a car.  I’ve seen other show surprise as this as well, so it is kind of cool to see him drive without being fused into Stevonnie.  In the car is Pearl, Amethyst, and Bismuth with Garnet sitting on top which I take as a reference to when she did the same on Greg’s van in Ocean Gem from Season 1.  Along side the car is Connie riding on Lion, Peridot flying on her trash can lid, and Lapis flying above with her wings, and this leads us into the shot of Steven driving into Beach City and past the Big Donut which was what Greg originally did in the first two intros, and Connie was seen on a hill.  However, as Connie is alongside the other gems while Steven is driving this time, we see Greg on the hill instead.  And speaking of this scene, we see all kinds of neat little tidbits.

When you see Beach City, you see all kinds of formerly corrupted gems hanging out with humans like everything is normal, and I do like that.  Ronaldo is telling Peedee to look out at the beach with his binoculars, Onion has not changed in all these years as he’s still the same size and all that, and here’s two parts I really like.  We see Lars taking a selfie with his parents which shows he’s gotten closer to them which I like, and Mayor Nanefua has Ruby bodyguards… that is adorable!

We then end with the title screen and everyone at the beach in front of Steven’s rebuilt house.  It’s really nice to see the full team of Crystal Gems there along with Greg once again grilling.  The Steven Universe Future logo has a less rounded appearance to it then the original did, and it kind of reminds me of what happened to the Ratchet & Clank logo when they started becoming Ratchet & Clank Future, so there’s a chance that it could be a subtle reference.  But the part that just brought a smile to my face was Peridot singing the last bit on her own.  She’s honestly earned it as since she became a Crystal Gem, MANY fans have been waiting for her to appear in the intro as part of the team, and it never happened until now.  So with that, I really feel she’s earned that cute little last moment to shine.

So these were my initial thoughts and my analysis of the intro, so let’s see what I was right about, what is new, and what I was wrong about in the promo that just recently came out!


We start off with Steven twirling his car keys in his hand, then he gets into the car with some unknown uncorrupted gem.  This does indeed lead me to believe we will have follow ups on the uncorrupted gems and it makes me more excited for that.  However, let’s see what happened when they reach Little Homeworld.

We see that same gem looking puzzled while Garnet is teaching some kind of exercises , but we also see a ruby, two unknown gems (I think one could be a uncorrupted Amethyst), one of the Nephrite squadron members, and the one that makes me really happy, the Topaz fusion on Earth training with Garnet!  I REALLY hope we get some follow up with Topaz here since we had a brief interesting moment where we saw some character from her when she was taking Lars and Steven to Homeworld, but we never followed up on it.  This may finally give us our chance!

The next shot also has something I love.  It seems Vidalia is teaching an art class to some of the gems at Little Homeworld including another Nephrite, a muscular but very girly gem, some kind of crab like gem, and the ones I love the most, Blue Pearl which is appropriate as she expressed an interest in art towards the end of the original series, and the model they are drawing is Yellow Pearl who expressed interest in being a model.  I love this!  This means we’ll have actual follow up on these characters!

Next shot has Bismuth making something with the uncorrupted Earth and Heaven Beetles, and that unknown gem is still with Steven, so I get the feeling this one unknown gem will be an important character.

However, we then transition to Steven showing negative emotions and then him accessing a diamond panel which then goes to a scene of “Rose Quartz” coming through a door.  So I’m guessing we’re not done with Pink Diamond just yet.  However, one of the scenes that seems to relate to this is Pink Pearl (the ORIGINAL Pink Pearl, not our main Pearl) and her apparently lovingly remembering Pink Diamond.  This also leads up to Steven watching one of the videos when Steven saw his mom was pregnant with him.  So yeah, Pink Diamond isn’t over yet.

However, The next big part is Jasper’s return.  Along with that, we see the cracks on Pink Diamond’s face crack even more.  I hope to understand the reason behind that in the previous show, and we get one scene where Main Pearl is defending Pink Pearl, so I’m pretty sure we will be following up on this.

Before we see more with Jasper, that supposed Aquamarine gets a close up without a filter and we see it’s a gem fusion.  From the looks of it, it’s a fusion of Aquamarine and the Ruby that Steven nicknamed Eyeball.  Eyeball seems to have the biggest vendetta against Pink Diamond as Rose Quartz, so this hatred may be what Aquamarine and Eyeball fused over.

As for when we get back to Jasper.  We hear her voice say “You are not my diamond!” to Steven and he starts glowing and showing it seems more anger.  That’s when the trailer ends.

So what I analyzed, Jasper is indeed back for vengeance and the Aquamarine I saw is indeed our Aquamarine, but it’s a fusion now that we can see the ruby in her eye.  But there’s so much more I see that brings all kinds of new stuff to the table and just leaves open many more questions and things to get hyped about.  Jasper alone is really good as I’ve wanted her to return so bad and to still see her as a villain I prefer over her reforming!  I’ve heard a lot of people wish for her to reform, but almost every character who is a gem has done that.  Jasper is such a great villain that I feel she works better staying as such.  If she does reform, I rather have it saved for the VERY end, but for now, I want her to still be a villain, it’s way more interesting.  I hope in the end, many others will agree.

Due to how this series is and all that needs to be settled, I think it needs maybe around 30 episodes at least, 50 episodes at most.  We’ll see what happens once the show premieres.  Either way, I’m psyched for it!

Thank you for reading my notes and I hope this will be a great finale to Steven Universe!

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