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Red Diamond: Super Sentai World - Summary/Review

Here is an unexpected thing to be so easily available, a short 10 minute Super Sentai film that was shown in Amusement Parks and Special events nationwide in Japan back in 1994. Five different Sentai teams join up, with Kakuranger being the current at the time. It was shown as a triple feature along with Kamen Rider World and Toei Hero Daishugō, two other short films. Based on that, it can be easy to assume this flick was more for the events surrounding it than the actual film itself. However, just for the sake of morbid curiosity, let's click "read more" and take a look at whatever this will be.


The film begins with a shortened version of the Kakuranger theme song while an announcer introduces the 5 teams that will be present.

The newest at the time

Goes backwards, the 4 teams before them.

1993 - Gosei Sentai DaiRanger

Sometimes the pose took longer than the introduction. 

1992. Does it need introduced?

Sadly, no KibaRanger or DragonRanger. This was before the 6th ranger was treated as important.

1991. This team could straight up fly with wings

1990. A team of sibling teachers.

Fan service at its purest form.

After introductions are all done, we jump straight into the action. We see a brother and sister taking pictures of each other when a giant monster appears. No, I didn't skip any details or scenes.

That's the same guy who plays Burai. But, that's not Burai. That is probably meant to be nod to the character, but it just makes me salty that DragonRanger isn't in this film. I know it wouldn't make scenes for that Ranger to appear, but I highly doubt this film is cannon. They've also never had an issue writing about those facts before.


This big guy opens up a third eye and summons 3 more monsters.

These monsters attempt to kill the siblings since they witnessed their plans. I don't think they were discreet enough to have that policy. So, the Kakurangers show up already morphed to save the day. Now the fun begins. 

Things quickly take a turn for the worse as 2 more monsters show up and have the siblings held hostage. 

Monsters names: Soger and Irubaru

Fearing for the siblings lives, the Kakurangers drop their weapons and surrender. However, just when hope is lost, reinforcements arrive. 

I could call this a weird coincidence, but I think the giant monster appearing kinda tipped them off.

The 5 monsters summon foot soldiers from all 5 of the Sentai teams' seasons, and the main battle begins. This fight is slow paced, but very busy with stuff going on in both the foreground and background.

Every team is given at least a few clips to show off their moves, but the Kakurangers and DiaRangers are favored. Ultimately, Super Sentai wins and all 5 monsters go boom. What do you expect? It was 25 vs 5. Okay, that's the same as the normal 5 to 1 ratio but it still felt like overkill.

But, the giant is still around. The camera does a slow pan across the 5 red rangers as they all call their Megazords Super Robos. With none of the flair we are used too. They all appear without any assembling scenes.

This makes me wonder; if a Sentai team ever lost would the past teams jump in and avenge them? That's something the villains never think about.

The giant battle is not going well for the Sentai Robos. However, one of the siblings remembers hearing this monsters weakness.

The Super Robos were struggling to get a hit in at all. How does knowing the weak point make their aim any better?

And that is all it took. The Kakurangers land a big punch to the third eye and it is all down hill from their for the monster. What follows is the monster waddling around dizzy while the Robos take turns slicing him with their swords. Any one axe. Finally, the Kakurangers do their usual finisher, monster goes boom and the day is saved.

The film ends with the 5 teams doing their team poses one more time while the credits roll. 

Final Thoughts

This special, just kind of exists. I'm sure watching it along side the Kamen Rider and Metal Hero specials it was bundled with would have added up to an enjoyable enough experience, especially given the circumstances you'd watch them. (An amusement park.) However, on its own, it just felt like a short filler episode with the only stand out being the fan service of the 4 previous teams joining in. Not bad, but nothing special. It's only 10 minutes so it won't be a huge investment to check out. 3/5

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