Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Predictions


Wow, this is a surprise. Not only is Dino Fury going to be the first incarnation of Power Rangers since the original Mighty Morphin to get a third season, but it will have elements of an older Sentai season Kyurangers as well. Click "read more" and I will tell you what we know so far and my predictions.

What We Know So Far

As of writing this article, there are only a few things that have been revealed. The main ones are that this will be only a 10 episode season that is in celebration of Power Ranger's 30th anniversary, it will use the Zord footage from Kyuranger, Lord Zedd will be the main villain along with some new original villains, and Walter Jones, David Yost, and Steve Cardenas are already in New Zealand filming for it so we might get to see Billy, Zack, and Rocky return. As far as images go, the only thing we got is the official new Ranger suits design.

It seems to be the same Dino Fury design with some added shoulder armor. That is probably the best way to go about this, familiar yet distinguishable. 

My Predictions

It is very hard to give an accurate prediction when it comes to this matter. The 20th annaversary with Super Megaforce was a complete disaster, but that was Saban and this is Hasbro. My inner die hard fanboy really wants me to be excited for this, but it is hard not to be skeptical. However, while Super Megaforce had a super rushed story with 20 episodes and this will only have 10, it appears to use a lot more original footage which will help with writing limitations. 

Here is what I imagine will happen, the Dino Fury Rangers will either lose their Zords or find them not strong enough for Lord Zedd's monsters and they will have to get either upgrades or replacements that will be the Kyurangers Zords. Possibly, they will call them Thunder Zords in reference to the beginning of MMPR S2 when new Thunder Zords were needed to combat Lord Zedd originally. These new Zords will be acquired with the aid of Legacy Rangers, Zack, Billy, and Rocky and possibly more later revealed. Then, we will get episodes with several references to the Zordon era which leads up to a final battle against Lord Zedd. This will also result in the Legacy Rangers having a "long time no see" moment with Lord Zedd. Thrax will not be mentioned at all and Rita might get an off hand comment but there will be no acknowledgment of her being the Mystic Mother. Goldar was already brought back in the Beast Morphers special so he will not return. 

This is a simple plot but can be great if done right. However, it can just as easily be bad if it is rushed. Only time will tell which route it takes and I will be checking back to see if my predictions are correct. Till then, peace.

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