Monday, October 17, 2022

Tiger Claw Radio #426 - Steam App and Typing of the Dead

In this episode, the Steam Mobile app gets an overhaul. A Zygote plays Pong, and more! 

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  1. Dammit, I wrote my comment on the previous episode to late, oh well watcha gonna do? Im checking out Adrift, since I have also a mostly text based game in mind, mostly something like the Steam game Curious expedition 1, I have been kinda obsessed with the first and second game since it emulates a Hexcrawl D&D adventure very well, which I enjoy. I understand the need to finally put your chips down on a artistic project like that, Im trying to do the same myself. Even if it just something you do for yourself, or some friends, or a niche community, it is still worth it. When you mentioned the Roguelike game jam it reminded me of a website dedicated to the classic first person dungeon crawlers like "Eye of the Beholder" called They list all the games of that very specific genre with an exact definition too. As I mentioned they have theyre own competition to make Dungeon Crawlers and I might try to figure out how I could make a simple one myself. Will probably try to learn Unity 3d or Godot for that purpose, start with tutorials with making pong etc like you are doing with Pyton, working on the art and the game concept in a notebook. Either way here is the question of the week: Have you thought at all at the setting for your text adventure/roguelike game at all or is this not yet all that important since you are working on the structure at the moment? Good show man and thanks for making these man!


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