Monday, October 10, 2022

Tiger Claw Radio #425 - Mario Mario, Luigi Mario..

This week's TCR features classic tracks from the 8 bit collective as well as a look at the new trailer which just dropped for the Super Mario Bros movie.


  1. The Mario Trailer looks fine, I hear its going to be a musical which is a bit weird. Chris Pratt as Mario was pretty weird, Id prefer him talking as his original high pitched racist italian stereotype, lol. I wonder if they will rerecord his lines after the backlash, like when they redo the CGI for Sonic after the first teaser. I still kind of like the Live action Mario movie, sure it only vaguely resembles the game, but I found it a creative take on it and Bob Hoskins was great as Mario Mario. Its also a part of my childhood, I remember this being one of the first video game live action adaption (atleas american one that I knew about at the time) and while I enjoyed Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat much more, it still was kind of fun. Trust the mushroom :).

  2. Addendum: Also been playing more of "Airships: Conquer the Skies" on Steam. Its the Steampunk themed sidescrolling airship strategy game, where you build (or download from the workshop) airships, bases, mechs/tanks and duke it out similarly to "Gratuitous Space Battles". The game has seen many updates since I last played it, the Civ style Conquest mode is also multiplayer now, so we could maybe try it if the game enters the bundleverse (game is 20 bucks at full price). I have been enjoying the conquest mode, next to the standard civ gameplay there are also other encounters like giant monsters, robots and airship pirates. Eitherway the game is recommended.


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