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Power Rangers Dino Force Brave King 5: Counterattack! Overcome Any Obstacle! - Summary/Review


Back again with brothers battling. Classic Red Ranger vs 6th Ranger action. Click "read more" and let the journey continue.


After a quick recap and theme song, the website begins aboard the Neo Deboth's ship where Juhyeok is holding out for more pay before he is willing to kill the Dino Force Rangers. Despite protests from all of the elemental Demon Kings, Deizarus gives into the demands and redeploys Juhyeok. Then, out of nowhere, it cuts to Juhyeok watching two kid brothers playing catch and concealing emotions.

That was obviously meant as foreshadowing but it made no sense that Juhyeok would randomly stop at a park.

Back at the spirit base, Juyong is reflecting on his fight with Gold Dino and how familiar it felt to him. Jeon thinks it is just the mood Juyong is in while the other 3 Rangers are relaxing. This turns into a very forced feeling team building moment; Jeon lectures the 3 relaxing Rangers on how only Juyong was able to fight back and Juyong tries to calm the mood by listing everyone's best attributes. Then, everyone instantly gets it.

Good message, extremely rushed execution. 

Juyong gets a call from Juhyeok who simply says "let's fight". It then cuts to a Zord battle. This time, the Rangers get a couple hits in by utilizing the "best traits" that Juyong pointed out earlier for Lee and Yun being Lee's a great shot and Yun's speed before Juhyeok has his Zord form into Brave Ptera King. Now, we get a one on one CG fight.

Interesting, they made Green the hotshot instead of Black like in the original.

Gosh this CG looks dated. I miss the stuntmen in suits.

This time Jeon and Sechang get to show off their "best traits", being strength and gracefulness respectively which actually causes Juhyeok to go down. A finishing slash and the giant battle goes to the Dino Force. Now for the ground battle. Unlike the last episode, Juhyeok is struggling and ends up taking damage from the Green, Black, Blue, and Pink Rangers before ending up in another sword clash with the Red.

This clash causes Juyong to have another flashback from when he was sword training as a kid with his brother. Because of that flashback, Juyong loses focus and Juhyeok is able to hit him back and strike the whole team with a Lightning Afterglow attack. 

Down, but not out. Juyong gets up, re-morphs, and says his phrase "no matter what obstacle is in front of us, we'll win as long as we've got our brave" and this causes Juhyeok to lose focus and be pushed back. After some special attacks, Juhyeok is knocked out of morph, Juyong powers down, and the two see each other face to face for the first time. Once Juyong sees Juhyeok's mark on his neck, he instantly is able to figure out that he is his older brother who taught him that "brave" saying in the first place.

I guess Hyung is another way to translate Kwon.

Everyone is shocked at the revelation that Dino Gold is Juyong's older brother. To be Continued!

Final Thoughts

This episode was alright, but felt really rushed in its meaning. The idea was to showcase that individually the Rangers were outmatched by the Gold Ranger, but together they could win. That is a standard message for this series, but it was literally just red says it, everyone believes it, and it instantly works. Granted, the shorter run time causes this effect sometimes, but this season did not feel this rushed so far. Fight scenes were okay, but the drastic shift on the power scale is a little off-putting. Still, while it did fall short on showcasing the team aspect, it did show Juyong as a great leader. He brought the team together and made everyone believe in themselves. For that alone, I can at least give this episode a pass. 2.5/5

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