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Ghost Ranger - My Top 5 Power Rangers' Bases

This is a strange list I'm sure. What I mean by bases are the places that the Rangers and their mentors go in order to conduct their Ranger business. These are come in all sorts of different forms from secret secure locations to the top of a Pizza restaurant. So, just for fun, click "read more" and let's count down my top 5 favorite Power Rangers Bases or Headquarters.

5. Command Center (Mighty Morphin)

The original holds way too much nostalgia to not make this list. Sure, a lot of the design and effects are dated, especially the lights in the background which are just Christmas lights. But, it set the standards for all future Ranger bases. There was a way to observe the monster attacks, a mentor (Zordon), an ally (Alpha 5) and it serves as a private place to conduct all Ranger business. The building used for the outside shots (House of the Book) is still visited by fans today.

4. Astro Megaship (In Space-Lost Galaxy)

Both the first base that the Rangers lived in as well as the first to be part of a Megazord combination. This Star Trek inspired voyager helped the Space Rangers in their interstellar search for Zordon and later gave the Galaxy Rangers a means to travel and become their base of operations as well. On board, there is an AI named D.E.C.A. the provides support along-side Alpha 6. It would even gain a MK 2 during the events of Forever Red in the season Wild Force. There is so much history with this ship that is would be a crime not to include it.

3. Power Chamber (Zeo)

Technically, the Power Chamber did continue though Power Rangers Turbo, but the designs were very different. After the ending of Mighty Morphin, the Rangers base of operation had a big change. (No spoilers.) This new Power Chamber had a lot more going for it from better looking equipment, a little alcove for Alpha, more detailed walls, and even the old Ranger suits and weapons somehow on display. It was like the original Command Center was the best of a low budget but this one was on honest attempt to create a proper looking base of operations. While it will never hold the nostalgia of the original and its creation is a bit of a plot hole, I appreciate the effort. As far as the Turbo's version of the Power Chamber, it was 
bigger and brighter, but took away a lot of details. 

2. Delta Base (SPD)

This building has quite a lot going for it. It is the place where the Space Patrol Delta lives, it holds the academy to train up potential future Rangers, contained the labs that develop all Ranger equipment, and could transform into one of the biggest Megazords in Power Rangers history. This is definitively one of the up to date versions of any Power Ranger bases in terms of technology. Although, it is not in a secure location, it is very well defended. A perfect fit for the police theme that SPD has.

1. Lightspeed Aquabase (Lightspeed Rescue)

I have always been a fan of underwater construction, but that is not the reason this made number one. This was the base that set the standards for everything SPD did; there are living quarters, weapon development, and an entire crew behind supporting the Rangers and maintaining their Zords and other equipment. The underwater setting is not just for show, the monsters of this season are called Demons and they lose their powers if submerged in water. The whole this was just very impressive, especially for 2000. It also helps that the under water aesthetic keeps the whole base looking cool.

Those were my top 5 choices for the best ranger bases. But, there were a lot of cool looking ones to choose from so I hope you disagree and let me know why one of your favorites not on the list should have been. Maybe the Animarium or Jungle Karma Pizza? Leave a comment here or join our Discord server. Under next time, this is Cendoo the Ghost Ranger, signing off.

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