Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Power Rangers: My Top 5 Black Rangers

This will be the start of a series of top 5s I do for all ranger colors. There is no special reason why I am starting with Black. Just keep in mind, this is is purely my opinion and will more than likely not lineup with who consider the best black Rangers or your personal favorites. Instead of flaming, please leave a comment on who your favorites are. Two rules, I am going off what a Ranger is officially classified as, so the 6th Zeo Ranger is gold not black, and anybody who was multiple colors can only appear on 2 lists at most. (Looking at you Tommy.) Now, click "read more" and let's start the countdown. Spoilers!

#5: Phantom Ranger (Power Rangers Turbo - In Space)

This is a bit of an odd choice, and while not a ranger in Sentai, this ghostly hero was classified as a black ranger in Power Rangers, so he counts. This ranger appeared in less then a dozen episodes across 2 seasons, but left a major impact. Appearing to help the Turbo Rangers and Space Rangers by giving them new Zords, invisibility powers, having a possible romantic story with Cassie, and whose identity is still one of the unsolved mysteries of Power Rangers. Unforgettable.

#4: Shadow Ranger (Power Rangers SPD)

That's right, a dog ranger. It's not enough to be one of the strongest rangers in history and have one of the coolest costumes, but Anubis Doggie Cruger was just an overall really great character. He was the mentor and commander to the core team and had a big story of his own including a taken over home planet and lost family. Doggie had a lot of fire in his voice and the skills to back it up, this was one ranger you did not want to tick off.

#3: Dillon (Power Rangers RPG)

A bad boy in a leather jacket with lost memory and a love interest with the blond girl. Sounds cliché, but it was actually something new for a Power Ranger and the way they handled his character was very good. Dillon did not want to join originally, but was convinced and ended up being a vital member or the team. There are genuinely tough moments for him when he has to decide between his ranger duties and retrieving his lost memories. Even a long lost sibling arc gets in the mix. Really one of the more interesting characters from one of the best seasons.

#2: Adam (MMPR - Turbo)

I had a real hard time deciding between Zack and Adam and while Zack will always be more iconic, I cannot deny how much more Adam got to do. Now, simply being one of the originals is not enough to make a list, (and it is not because I am such a huge Johnny Yong Bosch fan) and I even have to ignore everything he did as a Green Ranger. The latter half of the 3 season run of MMPR let him get a lot of story time. However, I think what really sold me on Adam were his legacy appearances. During In Space, he returned to mentor the new Black Ranger Carlos and did not hesitate to more again despite it putting him at risk of being destroyed. Also, leading the Retro Rangers during the 2 part special in Operation Overdrive which was the one highpoint of that below average season. Fight me on this if you want but Adam is iconic.

#1: Mike/Magna Defender (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy)

I will allow a tie because the two were the same ranger and the same story arc. Mike was the original choice for the Red Ranger, but he passed his powers along to his brother Leo before falling into a pit where he ended up fused with the Magna Defender. The original Magna Defender is never seen unmorphed, he is out for revenge for his son against the main villain. Eventually, he released Mike and passes on his powers to him. This is easily one of the best ranger stories told and even made a lot of the Japanese audience prefer Lost Galaxy over Gingaman.

Wrap up

That will do it for this list. Please let me know who your favorite black ranger was. Or, if your feeling up to it, tell me how horrible I am for leaving off Zack, Carlos, Danny, Tommy, Chase, Jake, Corcus, Will, or the Bat Spirit Ranger on this list. Thank you, see you next time.

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